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  • mets2yak mets2yak Oct 23, 2012 7:22 AM Flag

    Flyers, Spetty....

    You guys seem to be the most grounded individuals left on this board, so I wanted to get your opinions. I sold my remaining shares yesterday after coming to the conclusion that people are not buying for a reason. Sellers sliced through the .60's like butter, so there was little buying pressure, which could mean that we still need a clean-out, which could be even lower. My conclusion is that investors appear to believe they will need more funding. They can't offer the shares down here or it would kill the stock. Do you think that we will see something to the tune of a 1/10 reverse split, then they will do their cash raise at some point next year? Somebody posted something alluding to this a few weeks ago, but I brushed it off. I have AUGT on my watchlist, but even at this depressed price, it could get worse if they can't get their act together.

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    • AUGT is the biggest loser in my porfolio with a average cost of $1.80+/share. However, it seems like the current CEO is doing all the right thing, and HC is growing at a good pace. I will wait until the announcement of the new IP strategy he mentioned in the CC, then to see if I should add more shares or just let it rot in my porfolio until a buyout.

    • I'm also still in. Unfortunately still holding the most shares (or should I say the biggest bag) I ever have. I have some dry powder but I can't justify buying more. I think they're going to get some sort of NPE deal prior to running out of cash, even if it means they simply take what they can get. There is no signs of capitulation here, just a steady, consistent daily pounding.

      The fundamentals of the core business are strong. Unfortunately, the market just doesn't car right now. I don't see anything on the horizon to turn the share price around until they announce this quarter's revenues over a month from now. If I were the company and the quarter is going as well as they say it is, I would put out a PR now providing their current run rate and bookings for the quarter. They need to try to do something to stop the bleeding here. It seems like someone is intentionally trying to drive this thing to zero and there's little buying pressure between here and there to stop them.

      I haven't sold and I haven't bought. I still have confidence in the core business. I have no idea what becomes of the stock though. I don't really know what else I can say about it, other than I've been in similar situations before and they've worked themselves out. We were at $1.50 a little over a month ago. We diluted by 10% since then and have lost 66% of our market cap despite 22% q over q growth and certainly the implication of a rate very similar this quarter and going forward out to next summer. Unless there is something very untoward going on by people outside the company (i.e. there is a coordinated effort to drive the stock to zero), as long as the company delivers I would think the share price will have to turn around sooner than later. Until then I guess I just wait.

    • I am expecting a big quarter this period along with an IP update that was stated to be around 30 days after the last CC. I am in a wait and see mode until we get the numbers. I would also not be surprised if they landed one of those 8/9 figure deals they talked about on past CC's. I have been buying some shares but they are already underwater. The PPS is getting slammed everyday. Nothing I can do about that. I would only recommend buying to someone as a spec investment and with the knowledge that it might take time for a lot of errors to be corrected.

    • They expect to do a cash raise in the was stated on the CC. At this point they really need some big positive news ie signing a major licensing deal or contract.

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