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  • cashless52 cashless52 Oct 27, 2012 9:11 PM Flag

    speak a few sylabols arn

    i think a lot of us would like to hear your take on things

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    • Cashless,

      I posted on Friday. This new forum makes it nearly impossible to keep up with certain posters.

      I just see little point in trying to combat the recent abundance of ignrance and missinformation posted by people who either lost money and are upset, sold out and trying to vindicate their decisions, or just have a personal axe to grind. The stock being where it is at the moment gives them leverage whether it be meritted or not. Trying to argue with certain posters here is paramount to trying to swim against the tide.

      The good thing is the tide now may be changing, whether they care to admit it or not, and greed is once again on the verge of superceding fear. It's that fear, one bad ruling, and some missteps by the ex CEO that led directly to the current price being so exaserbated to the downside. It's exactly what an anlyst said to me just the other day when I asked him his thoughts on the current price. He said you couldn't rationalize it, it's severely undervalued, but that's what happens when investors act only on emotion.

      I could go on and on but I'd be saying nothing I haven't said in the past. The value of the underlying company itself has never been better or more compelling. It's impossible to argue facts to the contrary.

      Since some don't care to hear it from me, I'd suggest you listen to two other credible and intelligent posters who surely you will all deam more objective and that's Flyers and Spetty. Both have repeatedly sited just the mobile business as undervalued and I completely agree. I believe Spetty commented the other day he saw the mobile business as undervalued by approximately 258% if I recall correctly. Assuming my recolection accurate, I completely agree with him. The only difference I would site is I believe the IP still has significant value despite somes insistence to the contrary.

      I predict the stock soon makes its way back to a more equitable valuation and that ultimately the company is sold. While it will have been a tough and sometimes rocky journey, I believe those with patience will be rewarded in the end.

    • why do u want to hear of more things that will happen in a few weeks that never happen?gosh i could give you a whole list, where should we start ? how bout the great job that pa is doing ? oh thats right hes gone..... well lets start with the ip that was rock solid and we had the best of the best lawyers working on our side.ohhh thats right,its been shelved . well lets go with its a gift to buy at 3.65. darn it we are at .76 so that wont work .ok how bout all these advisors that were brought on to help the company. where were they when pa was running the company into the ground? should i continue?i am sure you will be pleasantly surprised in just a few weeks ..............................

    • He already did..move on..