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  • moneymax3001 moneymax3001 Oct 29, 2012 11:04 AM Flag


    Who owns the patents on the 2D bar-coding every major company is picking up on these days?? Is the phone becoming the new debit card as well? When will I be able to just scan the items with my phone at the store and simply walk out without any hassling bells going off? hehe moneymax3001

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    • 2D is an old technology that is been around for 2 to 3 decades. Augme does't have patents on the QR codes or coding types. Our patents are on the overall targeting and device detection and rendering of information for all internet devices. According to our website we should have 100 patents by end of fiscal year 2013!

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    • Neomedia and Denso Wave, I believe.

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    • I know Augme's patents do not cover the codes themselves, they more importantly cover what the codes open the door to which is the targeting of content based on behavioral, geographic and other data. They also cover device detection which is foundational to the process of targeting. Some of their recently filed patents cover and deal with new emerging technologies that at least one major player has a big interest in and was trying to file patents for themselves and that relates to anoynomous profiling on mobile devices. I already spoke of who it was and why I think they could be interested in Augme, both for their patents and their mobile business, not to mention the fact they share of the same attorney who files patents for both.