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  • spetty772002 spetty772002 Nov 2, 2012 2:57 PM Flag


    This stock is like an anchor to my portfolio. My 2nd biggest holding (HDY) is up 35% this week. Two other stocks I own (STTYF.PK and ZENYF.PK) are both up well over 10% this week as well. But my biggest holding (AUGT) is down 15%.

    All I can say is that it sucks holding this stock right now. I thought Hussey and his boys were gonna step up and buy. What happened to that? I wouldn't even care if the stock just sat there and didn't move at all, but when all of your other stocks are up big and you're seeing nowhere close to the increase in your account balance that you should because of one stock that just can't perform, it's really disappointing, especially when the price seems to be extremely undervalued yet the CEO (who owns less shares than I and just about everyone else on this board) won't step up to buy any shares to even attempt to show any confidence in the company. It just kinda makes me scratch and shake my head.

    I think they should just turn the reins over to Braiker now. The restructuring is complete and Hussey's "connections" don't seem to be doing anything for the share price. I would be willing to bet if they announced that Braiker was the permanent CEO tomorrow, the share price would jump to close to $1 within a week. The market obviously isn't any more impressed and doesn't have any more confidence in Hussey than they did with Arena...

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    • I agree. I wonder at what point my loyalty becomes (or became) stupidity. I at very least thought Hussey would be more interactive with his shareholders.

      It's just plain sad at this point.

    • spetty, I fully understand your frustration . I feel "we are whipping a tired horse". I have other stocks down today, in particular a BDC that is lower big time (post announcement of adding more shares offering.) I feel once this election is over, the major markets will start to settle. As far as Augme, holding 10,000 shares at 0.73, my only hope is some one will make an offer, just to get the IP patents & own HC. This has been a very stressful investment. I wonder where the well known posters are? sirius, arng,cortiz, warnbee, etc ...I liked their posts before...maybe they have nothing to offer. Hang on

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      • offense. You've always been a good guy...but the IP isn't worth anything. I sold when the AOl/YHOO cases went kaput. If those cases can't be won/pursued how can anyone more recent be found infringing? They can all use the technology without paying for it. Plus the technology is changing every day. I wouldn't be surprised if they don't put a 3.95 app out there any day now that let's anybody target advertise their bus./product/service to anybody, any time. All these mobile advertising platforms that you have to pay million$ to to get your ads out there to smart phones are going to shrivel up and go away. Like Blockbuster Video. Who needs AUGT? These big advertisers will just do it themselves. AUGT is a middle man. It's becoming clearer by the day that this model isn't working.
        Just my 2 cents worth since I don't have anything better to do right now. Baseball season is over. My Tigers performed like AUGT.

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      • agree JT..i dont see yomama sirius crowing about how many shares he is buying..wonder why?

    • This will be the last stock I ever mention to any family and friends. A buddy of mine sold 50,000 today to cut his losses. I'm going to hear about this for the rest of my life.. He's probably smart... I'm still holding onto this anchor as well. GLTA

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    • None of that is going to happen. Braiker won't be taking over. There will be no big deals. There will be no favorable court rulings.
      Sales are rising...but the rate is decelerating. They are still a puny, teeny, tiny company and their qtrly sales % rise is slowing down. They are cutting costs even though they are still a tiny company. Boys....please....AUGT will be under .50 before the end of the year.
      After next week's election regardless of who wins it will be tough sledding in the market for everybody. Why? Because there will be no more election talk and the "Fiscal Cliff" will be on page one. Uncertainty will come back. If it's Obama...permanent uncertainty sets in. If Romney wins uncertainty until January 20.

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      • Dang warn, why not just go all the way and say Jim Jones is at headquarters serving a fresh batch of Kool-Aid as we speak?

        Like you, I'm not counting on much coming from the IP, however, I am quite certain the mobile business will continue to expand at a good clip and that Braiker will ultimately end up becoming CEO. The guy has 3 million shares, is the driver behind all of the company's growth, and not only has experience as a CEO, but ran HipCricket virtually cash-flow breakeven at the time they were acquired by Augme.

        I think you're way too negative on the company and the stock. You're basically saying that nothing good will ever happen for the company again, and totally discounting the positives that are currently happening (the revenue growth). Just like I've always called the pumpers out on their lack of objectivity, I've gotta do the same with you. I was never under the impression that you had any sort of agenda in the past, but I'm starting to question that now.

        So here's the question: at what price would you buy back in? If the answer is that you wouldn't buy back in at any price, what are you trying to accomplish here? 99% of the pumpers you used to battle with are gone. It seems to me like you're spreading doom and gloom so if the worst happens and the company doesn't make it, you can say "I told you so", but if the stock goes back to $1.00+ my guess is you'll disappear without a word. Saying you're here for the entertainment value doesn't make sense because based on what you've said, you certainly have both the means and better things to do that would be much more entertaining than bashing the stock of a company you have no interest in, don't you?

      • The last time I called you on your #$%$, you asked what falsehoods. I didnt have to even look back because you repeat them continuously. Virtually everything you continuously spout here qualifies as a falsehood..

        warnbee falsehoods:

        1) "...Braiker won't be taking over..."
        You could not possibly know this!

        2) "...There will be no big deals..."
        To the contrary, the odds favor this happening in the short term.

        3) "...There will be no favorable court rulings..."
        Again the contrary, the odds overwhelmingly favor this happening in 1 to 5 years. Over 600 identified infringers on just the first 10 or so of patents numbering ~100. You are simply not living in reality.

        4) "...Sales are rising...but the rate is decelerating..."
        Not a shred of evidence for this outright lie!

        5) "...their qtrly sales % rise is slowing down..."
        Again, what evidence do you have to support this bold face lie?

        6) "...AUGT will be under .50 before the end of the year..."
        Again, not for you to decide, and you are not an oracle, so plainly you don't know, you cant say!!!

        Not that it does any good to argue with you, or really to refute such crap as this, because anyone that has been here for more than 5 minutes knows that your goal in stating such sewage is to attempt to hammer people's resolve down on a day like today when the price drops a few cents.

        BTW new IDs for warmboob include: birdog, and dr sparta.

      • well if news comes out after the close, 90% chance friday news is bad..dont want news today..

    • If we actually landed some sort of elephant deal today, I would would hope that info would "leak" or spread some and we would see the pps react accordingly. Doesn't seem to be happening.

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