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  • aug1642 aug1642 Nov 5, 2012 9:49 AM Flag

    Has Augme worked with nissan prior

    to this deal?

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    • Nissan Shifting to Social Media to Reach the Hispanic Market

      Nissan Americas unveiled its Spanish-language Facebook page on July 23, 2011 at the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) Annual Conference, reinforcing its commitment to the Hispanic community and its long-standing relationship with the organization. The conference attendees were among the first to experience Nissan’s latest social media effort, which offers Spanish-language information on Nissan’s vehicles and provides the Latino community with a forum to express themselves and embrace their diversity.

      “Research shows that Latinos – who make up a rapidly growing demographic segment with a high proportion of young people – are using social media to find their voice and engage with consumer brands,” said Erich Marx, Nissan’s director of Interactive & Social Media Marketing. “At Nissan, we recognize how important social media has become within the Hispanic community and view our Spanish-language presence on Facebook as a critical channel for connecting with the Latino community.”

      Hispanic Network Magazine asked Marx about the new and creative social marketing for Nissan. “The Hispanic community is a huge opportunity. It is a very young community whom over indexes on the use of social media.” Using social media, the Hispanic community will provide a canvas for Nissan by determining the culture. “We ask open ended questions and get feedback which we then funnel back to our product planners and to the people in the engineering community,” comments Erich Marx.

      Nissan is one of three manufactures that are in the social media, and is the only one that has a Facebook page dedicated to Hispanics. Although social media is informal, it is one of the most valid researches that can be collected by a focused group mainly because it is community driven. The Spanish-Language Facebook page offers information on Nissan’s vehicles and provides the Latino community with a forum to express and embrace their diversity.

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      • I think this adds some additional color to the announcement this morning. Nissan has obviously made a strategic business decision to reach out to the Hispanic community, in more ways than one. This campaign with HC is part of that overall strategy. I am sure that Nissan is going to evaluate the response to the campaign and then, if they are pleased with the results, like Ford, they will increase their capital allocation to similar campaigns going forward. Given the success of the Ford campaigns, I have been anticipating another car company would sign on with HC, so this is one more step in the right direction of growing HC's business.

    • I honestly don't know if they have. They may have done some smaller ad campaigns for them previously but this is something much bigger and substantial. What this represents is something that looks like what Ford originally started off as and then grew into a large client and revenue driver. Just like Ford's 2 ad agencies using Augme as their mobile marketer of choice, Nissan's Team Ignition has chosen HC and for a important role which is managing the mobile web for them and all that goes on around it. Hispanic is huge money today in marketing.