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  • jt81508 jt81508 Nov 8, 2012 11:37 AM Flag

    Last time over $1

    On Sept. 27th closed at 1.01. Next day it dropped to 0.78 with almost 4.5 mil shares traded. Since then....a gradual decrease. There are no buyers..and sellers are not soo active either but still present.I am resigned to wait until the spring (at the earliest) before we make the LONG AWAITED move upward. I continue to hold 10,000 shares. I have no idea what will be the catalysis to make it best bet..we will be bought . Hang on

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    • 1 of 3 things will be our catalyst I think:

      1. We have a couple of settlement discussions going on (or at least scheduled). A positive outcome on at least one of these and we'd start moving up significantly
      2. Q3 revenue forecast - from conf call, sounds like it should be strong
      3. Acquisition - if qcom is taking a second look, I suspect they are pretty serious and may decide to move quickly before someone else steps in.

      If any of these happen, I think it will be well before spring. At the moment, it sure doesn't feel like anything will happen soon, but sometimes when you least expect it....

      In the meantime, I'm taking advantage of these prices when I can. To think you can buy shares of a company with explosive growth ahead of it for a mere 60-70 cents/share just defies logic.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy