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  • thedudeabides742 thedudeabides742 Nov 11, 2012 2:32 PM Flag

    Holiday 2012 contracts expected

    Michael, I agree that at the moment nobody would pay such a premium for this company. My point about expecting the contracts to close before the holiday season is simply that having such a long term time frame when looking at this company might be off base, although I understand it makes sense to plan based on the company's guidance. If Augme announces they have landed a couple seven-figure deals with large customers, it would go a long way towards removing market doubts about the company and attracting buyers. Correct me if I am mistaken, but I do not believe Augme's revenue guidance includes the signing of any such deals- I think they have guided very cautiously after missing last year. For everyone's sake, let's hope this quarter actually does make everyone "proud".

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    • "Proud" is a very strong word especially for Ivan. He is not known for beating his chest with his fists. we all know him to be very smart and very measured. which brings me to my question of why Hussey hasnt bought any shares. how big does a deal have to be in order for Hussey NOT to be able to purchase shares? can anyone expand on that? TIA

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