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  • padregringos padregringos Nov 14, 2012 1:14 PM Flag

    Would be nice and not unexpected....

    Would be nice and not see a nice announcement and or insider buying to see all of the shorts caught.With heavier buying , of course. Might have been paused by Sandy.

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    • I believed that guy Adam when he posted about Bob putting his money where is mouth is.. I will give it some time.4 , 6 weeks. just in case there is a deal going on. if no deal and no buy, I will be upset and I will let the company know. but I will give it some time.. that Pandora Markman starting to #$%$ me off however. goodwin Procter should gently tap the judge on the shoulder and remind him very respectfully of course. as someone on this board suggested.

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      • Bob always puts his money where his mouth is. He didn't get where he did by not be willing to step up. Bob thinks the stock is a tremendous value here, just ask him yourself. The only reason he might not buy stock upon his agreement being filed is because he might have info that restricts him until its made public. I can't remember who it was that said they were in NY but I said you should go meet him at the office and see the type of person he really is. This company is in very capable hands. Based on what I've read about previous CEO's, you've never had a person nearly as capable or smart as what you have now. Believe me, this is a guy who is so financially responsible that financial results will speak for themselves.

      • relax billy the fool. good things r coming. big deals in the works. demonstrative, telling. you r a fool. and this fool siri was basically describing himself as a pumper. keep pumpin siri. something good will happen in 10 years. u guys 2 funny, fools but funny,