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  • spetty772002 spetty772002 Nov 16, 2012 11:27 AM Flag

    AUGT vs VELT

    AUGT is getting pounded because VELT reported a #$%$ quarter, however, Braiker has already stated that AUGT is having a really good quarter. There's no way we end up with a disaster like Velti just had. The 1st or 2nd week of Dec can't get here quickly enough...

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    • spetty772002, I've tried to explain that this was coming for Velti. Augme/HC and Millineal Media are in so much better shape and shouldn't be affected at all by recent revelations about Velti. Velti's problem is that they aren't an American company and American brands would rather do business with other American companies. Many of us have been calling what happened. I even said they werer having problems with receivables at least a year ago. It was no secret in the space just like it's no secret Augme and HC are doing well and have attracted some interest from other larger companies. I'd go as far to say Velti's exodus from focussing on mobile marketing here in the states has been a nice shot in the arm for HC. Like I said, Velt is only focuissing their growth in the US on their ad network. Velti's real revenue driving overseas can't even be executed here in the US because of the mma and carrier restrictions. I could see a MM / Augme deal as a real winner also.

    • spetty, you hit the nail on the head. Velti helped drive down AUGT and MM. Our Q/Q growth should be in the 15-20% range.

      I wish I had the willpower to not look at the stock price for a couple of weeks...but I know myself better than that. I'm just battening down the hatches until we get through the storm. To my knowledge, the company fundamentals have not deteriorated, so eventually this ship will right itself.

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    • I agree, also Spetty wasn't Velti's problem with their overseas business (where Augme has no stake) and not their U.S. business/

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      • I wasn't planning on doing it, but I just added another 5K at .52. I couldn't justify NOT buying more when I know the price declined on something unrelated to AUGT that won't impact them or their #'s going forward.

        I don't know why Velti missed, but I do know if Braiker said on the CC that we were going to have a good quarter, at the minimum we're going to have a good quarter. My guess is that it's going to be better than "good". I'm predicting 25% sequential revenue growth for the quarter. I don't know how high that will push the stock, but it should be substantially higher than .52 after this quarter's revenue # is reported. How low it goes between now and then is anyone's guess...

      • I also agree with both of those posts. when we report "proud" numbers, we should get a pop.

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