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  • oinkologist oinkologist Nov 16, 2012 5:20 PM Flag


    His agreement is filed with the SEC.

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    • Mr. Hussey did buy 10,000 shares in July. BUT think that he WILL buy more. If you HAD CONTROL and knew you could turn 50 cent pieces into $3 or MORE, wouldn't you get more ?
      I AM.

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      • Bob Hussey wouldn't be there if he didn't think it was a good investment. He's got way too much integrity to tell others to do something he wouldn't do himself. He always puts his own money where his mouth is, that's why he has many like us who follow him and have over the years. People don't know that Bob has also founded several private and public companies and raised easily over $100 million for other companies. Many were in the media and marketing services arena. I look for him to now step up and buy a sizeable position if he can. If he doesn't, it's only because there is something material and none public going on keeping him from being able to. This itself could be a favorable indication. I'm certain Bob thinks the stock is very undervalued and would like to personally take advantage of it, if able to.

        Understand that you don't advise institutional investors who manage billions of dollars like Argentum Capital Partners, the Kaufmann Fund, Citibank Ventures, Amphion Capital and others and not develop a following by some very accomplished large investors. With his deal now done, I'd look for others like us to start taking a stronger interest. As for the few comments about his salary, that's nothing for an accomplished executive like him. It's chump change and probably the single best investment this company has ever made judging from its past. You should thank your lucky stars they were able to get him for such a small amount. That nominal salary would typically never get Bob's interest if not for the equity upside and participation in its eventual sale. Bob will make his money by driving shareholder value, it's what he does. We intend to go along for the ride with him and added to our position yesterday.

    • Oink, I think its actually pretty tied to profitability.

      "Mr. Hussey will be eligible for a bonus of $250,000 if the Company achieves profitability for a fiscal quarter while he serves as Chief Executive Officer or during the first fiscal quarter reported following the cessation of his employment as Chief Executive Officer, provided that the Company will have achieved an average of at least 15% sequential quarterly revenue growth, starting with the third quarter of the current fiscal year which will end on February 28, 2013. Profitability will be achieved if revenue exceeds expenses, excluding the following expenses: (i) all non-recurring restructuring compensation payments and vendor settlements costs, (ii) costs related to operations that were discontinued prior to the end of the fiscal quarter being measured, and (iii) litigation expenses related to the Company's patents."

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    • The agreement was signed today, and is effective from 9-17-12, when he took control. I see no mention of "interim CEO" in his contract, which means he is the CEO now. Who is Chairman of the Board?

      Now that this is out of the way, BH can buy stock if he wants too, so long as there are no "material" events percolating.

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      • Everyone is talking about the reasons why company executives aren't buying stock, and reasons for it. The most talked about has been "material events percolating". Well what about the last ~2 years? There hasn't been much insider buying within the company. If these executives really believed in the company then I would think they would be buying shares in droves. You can't claim that material events are blocking insider buying because there hasn't been much of it in the past 2 years.

      • Well he was just given 235k shares so - not sure if we can expect him to buy anymore on the open market but it would be a nice gesture I guess. I'm not holding my breath...and not that important really if he does. I would like to see others in executive positions and directors buy some significant amounts, that would certainly send a signal something good is brewing. Lets see how this quarter turns out in 3 weeks...I suspect if it is good the company will want to get prelim results out quickly.

      • Might have gotten this contract in place just in time for a purchase by QCOM? Hmmmm....

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    • Looks like our new CEO is onboard and has some nice incentives.

      In the event of a Control Change Mr. Hussey will receive a flat fee of 0.5% of Aggregate Consideration up to $200,000,000, plus 1.0% of Aggregate Consideration between $200,000,000 and $400,000,000, plus 1.5% of Aggregate Consideration above $400,000,000.

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