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  • marcin042002 marcin042002 Nov 17, 2012 11:50 AM Flag

    Congratulations Mr. Hussey and Shareholders

    After talking to good friend of mine who knows of Hussey this is what I garnered from the conversation .He is no longer interim Ceo.The BOD must have had enough faith in his abilities to give him the permanent title based on his previous track record.Hussey himself must have seen the opportunity as compelling and obviously worth pursuing even though I doubt he needs the job or money.It definitely removes any uncertainty going forward with management.I doubt the incentives Hussey agreed to wouldn't be there if he felt they weren't achievable ... even the highest monetary amount. Based on his reputation and moves he has made so far I am much more optimistic going forward and believe he will attain the highest hurdles set before him.Finally someone who we can count on!!!!!!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Love the agreement! You know exactly what his goal will be and what he thinks realistic. 15% minimum sequential growth which is incredible, profitability, a market cap over $400 million and an eventual sale. I can't wait to hear the bashers here when the shares are back at $2 or higher and they finally realize they could have bought the shares at 55 cents and made a fortune. Hard to think straight or see the light with your head planted firmly up your own #$%$ lol

    • Whoever you spoke with is accurate in his representation of Bob. He wouldn't even have wasted his time with any of it if he didn't see a big opportunity. The opportunity cost of him doing other things at this point in his life is too high. The company does finally have someone competent as its CEO and who can be counted on. You can rest assured he will always put the shareholders best interest first. Bob is very financially accomplished and amassed a lot of his own wealth through being a very accomplished investor over the years where he too was a shareholder in various private and public companies. His comments about shareholders coming first isn't lip service, everything he does strictly adheres to his strong belief that shareholders are the most important thing to any company, most especially a public one.