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  • itsframergreg itsframergreg Nov 26, 2012 10:34 AM Flag

    tax selling not over

    just a few more painful weeks,till themiddle of dec. .50 has held for now and quite frankly i dont see it going under that mark. close but not under. we will see if i am right ...again .

    as for insiders buying stock , it really dosent mean much . i could point out stocks that the insiders bought right up till they went bk. we dont need more dog and pony shows here at all.

    the IP is fluff, i have been saying this for SIX years and yet here we sit with the best of the best lawyers who cant get a penny in our bank for all their efforts. so much for all those experts that vetted the IP.

    let the company turn the cricket into the 800 pound gorilla and be happy with those results. get off the fantasty train that the gurus conduct, peace of mind will be the reward.

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    • Personally, I don't think this is tax selling. It has to do with the court ruling last week.

    • framer, you basically said in a couple of sentences what took me a book to say. Your history here is much longer than mine. I was in the stock when it was Surfnet, and sold it when it was Modavox. Only had a 15,000 share position back then. Started buying again in February this year.

      Out of curiosity, have you bought any shares down here? Thanks, jason

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      • hey jason , no i have not bought at this time . however, lets see where dec 15th ends up.

        i do aree with the other posters that this selling is in tandem with the ip pressure.

        i fully expect to jump back in as i have now sold most of my SIRI and am looking forward to trading that money into a profitable venture. as always i have no problem telling the folks i plan to trade the stock once we can see a upward movement in the stock rather then down all the time.i do still hold stock here at this time.

        nothing wrong with taking the time to put out your views in a longer ,better written post then mine. heck if i could write a post like yours the yahoo crowd would somehow lose it and it would never show up. i cant tell ya how many times after spending twenty minutes typing with two fingers and thinking this is a good post it somehow goes poof never to be seen . that frustration will drive a guy to drink.....

        i think if everyone just waited for a while and let the company execute from here,they will be better off.