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  • jason9153 jason9153 Dec 3, 2012 8:46 AM Flag


    "yup. most of us have been saying that for 2 years now. Augme needs to knock it out of the park, period. 15-20% will be awesome down the road, but for the size and market the company is in, investors expect more - and the market is telling you that...the market is also telling you if they can't control costs, then they will wait for the next dilution cycle."

    gone, continued 15-20% growth Q/Q without increasing costs (or reducing costs) would be knocking it out of the park. The market is telling us lots of things that they didn't, like, but I don't believe HC's growth is one of them. High expenses, IP misses, running the company on fumes followed by an $0.80 offering, tax-loss selling because of the pps crash, to name a few. These have been hashed out on the board for weeks. You still haven't justified why you believe that 15-20% growth Q/Q is lousy. I've justified how that kind of growth only occurs in elite companies.

    BTW, have you bought any more AUGT at these levels?

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    • "You still haven't justified why you believe that 15-20% growth Q/Q is lousy."
      I'll wrap this up as I think we have covered it for now. I never said 15-20% was lousy, just that it should be better at this moment and time, plus you have missed my main point - it really doesn't matter what the growth rate is if costs exceed it. Augme is now at the stage where the company needs to control costs and maybe that is happening. Dilution will probably occur in the spring regardless - unless augme knocks the cover off while controling costs - that will bring investors back in, otherwise they will wait for another round of dilution - and probably some type of reverse split as well if/when augme needs more money.

      I bought over 20K worth of shares right after the last dilution round - average price around 77 cents...thanks for the dialogue...we can agree to disagree and still be long.

    • Jason - I won't speak for gone, but if you feel mobile is a hyper-growth space (as I do), why isn't growth in excess of 20% to be expected?
      $1.2 billion in mobile ad spend in 2011.
      $6.7 billion projected mobile ad spend by 2017.(source BI Intelligence, 2012 and from Augme's most recent presentation from their website).

      The consensus is that the IP should be on the back-burner. The focus should be (and is) on Hipcricket and their revenue and market-share growth.

      If the company expects the space to grow, on average, in excess of 20% over the next 5 years, are you saying the company is OK lagging in their own mobile ad growth projections?

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      • aw, the annual growth rate of the mobile ad spend according to your post would actually be about 33.2% over the 2012-2017 time period (6-years). If Augme grows its business 15% Q/Q, that is an annual growth rate of 74.9%. If Augme grew annual sales at that rate from 2013-2017 (5-years), they would grow 3 times faster than the industry.

        If Augme grows its business 20% Q/Q, that is an annual growth rate of 107.4%. If Augme grew annual sales at that rate from 2013-2017, they would almost 7 times faster than the industry.

        You don't just flip a switch and all of a sudden you have a huge growth rate. It's only been 15-months since Augme acquired HC. They had to integrate the companies, adopt Augme's IP and platforms within HC, hire new reps and managers, train them, and go through the normal sales cycles to procure business, and maintain the business. If within that time they can get to Q/Q growth rates of 15-20%, that's actually a remarkable feat in my view.

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      • Again aw, it's not 20% ANNUAL growth, it's 20% SEQUENTIAL growth. That equates to well over an 80% annual growth rate.

      • aw-194, you are absolutely correct! The best for Augme is owning HC. The acquisition of HC was Arena's best move. All the other issues discussed here in the last 18 months or so, the legal battles, uplisting in the NASDQ or AMEX, reverse spltting, being acquired,....have not crystalized period. I am still a believer someone will buy us...eventually, unless that siri vote against it (just kidding). BTW there are still sellers around (tax write offs probable). I do not anticipate any dramatic changes until after Jan 1st. I will continue to hold, but will not add more at this moment. I do not believe the Fiscal Cliff will afect AUGME's price. Hang on

    • Jason, Unfortunately to some here the only validation of the core strength is the appreciation of the stock price. Logic doesn't prevail.

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      • Jason, spetty, thanks for making this very clear so that a fifth grader can understand it. IT'S QUARTER OVER QUARTER!!!! also not counting any future settlements, NPE deals, Voip deals, elephant deals and trial
        victories.1% of marketing dollars is in Mobile, next year is going to be 7 % percent year after is probably 12 to 15 %. if any objective investor can't see this, you could he missing out on something special.

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