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  • sirius_yomama_2 sirius_yomama_2 Jan 9, 2013 12:18 PM Flag

    Such an over reaction....

    The fear came in cash on hand IMO. Another round of funding is upon us. Hopefully this time it can be none dilutive. Given current stock price slide there is not much stomach for it.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Will buy at 50 only a terrible reaction

    • Our analyst felt the same and advised buy on weakness. We did hear that Northland Capital after being fired, publicly disclosed on the call that the company had recently retained Roth Capital, has been a seller of large size for at least one large institutional client in the last two trading days possibly raising funds for a new deal they are leading. I thought it may be them exercising the green shoe from the financing but it appears otherwise. Explains their notable presence on the offer both yesterday and today. We were very pleased to see Bob engage Roth Capital, a much more respected firm. This positions the company much better going forward. I'm hopeful the company is working with David Enzer who heads their technology financings and M&A's in the software, communications, digital media and convergence sectors. He's a very sharp guy who knows the space well.

    • yeah, if they can't sell the patents and we get another round, it's probably at .50 -.55 which will amount to a chunk of shares...also concerned about the backlog...if they manage 15% seq growth this coming q, i don't think the one after will be good - unless something big happens between now and then...they keep adding tons of customers - and the revenues are for peanuts

    • you just wont admit that the ip is a dead weight and the investors/traders who were hoping for good news on that front got nothing. the drop in shareprice is the result of the party coming to a lull. until good news, we will sit at 3/4 of a buc. but dont worry, we are still in your 3 to 5 year time line...............................
      i cant believe ya didnt already know that they would at some time need more money. this is just like an upstart company. pray they sell geo for more then 3.5 million.

    • If that is indeed the scenario, I am afraid you won't have a choice but to "Suck it up"!! A Mike Tyson like uppercut is imminent in these woods. I suggest to get a respirator on hand and be prepared to take the body blow.