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  • frenchphonetics frenchphonetics Jan 9, 2013 1:14 PM Flag

    It may go down to .56 yet.....that's the bottom

    .................waiting to see what it does here

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    • Yesterday I went on to say this would be trading in the range of .60-.65 regardless. Look at it now and tell me if I am bullshitting. I told everyone to mark my word and take it to the bank! Instead I got the usual bashing of drinking too much, or drinking the wrong beer. Looks like they were the ones drinking stale beers. Because I am definitely going to drink more beers today. LOL! I will say it will settle @ .61 closing price. Then will be trading in the low .50's by Friday.

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      • sorry juiceyfruit, you were accused of serving bad beer, not drinking it, and you are a great BS'er. You certainly are full of your own BS. People like you never amount to anything. You and a lot of others like warnbirdog , that hang around here are a mist, and are insignificant in the overall scheme of things, and driven by little more than your own fragile little ego, and warped mind. You believe in nothing and have little conviction about anything except your own ability to top your fellow cranks, and barflowers with bluster and #$%$... cockadoodle dude.

        The company is no worse than it was a week ago, but is in better shape, having confirmed the growth trajectory and CFBE, so II will wake up tomorrow knowing that I made alot of money from this stock already, am currently positive in it (as are alot of others here), and have alot to look forward to, profiting more from it in the future, whereas you will wake up tomorrow, and you will still be..., well you will still be what you are, sorry that is the reality of it.

      • Oh great Juicy one - Can I assume then that I should wait and buy in - in the low .50's?
        And when praytell does your juicyball predict that the worm will turn upwards????