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  • powerbeatsandrhymes powerbeatsandrhymes Jan 9, 2013 8:56 PM Flag

    made a great deal of progress in a number of areas covering core and non-core patents alike,

    Our third strategic objective is to harvest our IP investments. During the quarter, the Augme IP team and I spent a great deal of time pursuing various paths to monetize IP assets. As a reminder, we are considering all options, including numerous ways and partners that might help Augme accelerate the monetization in the right areas with strategic partnerships or license opportunities, all with a view towards lowering our IP development cost structure and our legal fees. What I can report at this time is that we have made a great deal of progress in a number of areas covering core and non-core patents alike, and have held meetings with several parties interested in helping Augme achieve this objective on or our timetable.

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    • To me, that sounds like they are meeting with NPE's to take on the whole enchilada; licensing and litigation. could Goodwin Procter be on the way out?? A NPE deal gives us a few million upfront, ( can you say cash flow positive? ) instant validation on the patents, little or no cost on the litigation, no more dilution, higher stock price.
      Hopefully they are talking to IDCC or Eric Spangenberger or firms like them. They would be the "cavalry" that we expected a while back with Acacia.

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      • Can you say your an idiot along with the rest of the pumpers!!! Today you pumpers lost ALL credibility. I said before that when the cc happened the stock was gonna tank and tank it did. Farmer was right, Juice was right!! All you pumpers were WRONG!!!! Didn't meet high end of projections, no mention of 6 or 7 figures deals that was talked about how months ago?, no demonstrative events, NOTHING, NADA. Same old stuff!!! And then the excuses come out, oh wait till next quarter, something must be up, they are on the verge, its only a matter of time. Yeah, its only a matter of time before they do another dilution, and then its only a matter of time before the file for bk!!!! You guys are absolutely pathetic. This stock is going nowhere but down. GP is milking this co out of millions in fees and for what? NADA, NOTHING. What happened pumpers? Why did it go down? Because there is nothing happening. More of the same. Oh but if you only knew, if people knew what was going on behind the scenes. Buhahahahahahahahah what a joke you guys are.