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  • xtj756666 xtj756666 Jan 10, 2013 11:49 AM Flag


    Nice to see that type of block going through. Averaging 1m shares a day will make this great for traders.

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    • I wouldn't put another cent on this now if you made me "Commander in Chief"! LOL. Your in no mans land now, traps are everywhere, I would only commit till late next week or two and let it simmer through. But if you do, please bring a good ventilator and leather gloves, you will be sliced like a good swiss cheese on your way out and with one lung left. LOL. JMO.

    • well yes and no, joe. ya have to have a few days to trade up or your goona be stuck when the music stops. i know a few traders here that didnt sell after the cc and are now stuck. i would have been one of them if the timing of the ramp up on tuesday had been earlier. i was lucky enough to have left that tuesday after the first 30k buy that had no follow through. i was prepared to go all in for a longer trade ,and surly would have been stuck or at best gotten out with a small profit before she hit my buy price in the low 70s. short of news we will trade flat for months. best of luck joe, after all these years you are due.

    • That same block is showing up 3 times for the last few days buy one sell and a neutral tick far doesnt seem to do much but buying signals followed after this went thru ....let see it go back to .72

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