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  • sirius_yomama_2 sirius_yomama_2 Jan 26, 2013 9:31 AM Flag

    So many new aliases created in past couple of weeks.

    H.doody is yet another alias of bird brain and Before making them popular and continue responding to these new aliases just quickly check them to see when they were created. If its been created since oct 2012 then don't waste your time responding to their lies. They have only one purpose... disruption of the board

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    • Regardless of this fellows use of aliases you sir pumper sirius haven't been more wrong with AUGT and all of your aliases. You have misled naive sheep into loading their boats above $2, $3, and higher only to leave these bagholders with huge losses and an angry wife. This ticker will likely find its way to new lows soon. btw short interest is up over 39% since last reporting.

    • Dear Jason and Sirius, you guys have been the heart of this board for a long time along with a few others. Yes aurin is a basher. But he's not your usual basher that just spews negative sentiment. He does throw out lots of negative information. Again, some of it not true. As a long time shareholder I'm upset with the company. I'm upset that Paul almost drove us bankrupt betting everything on the IP and having no plan B. And yes, I'm upset about the share price and the fact we've destroyed our credibility with the investing public. Trust is earned not bestowed. How much trust have we earned. I say all of this because the one thing in the conference call that concerned me was the flat SaaS sales. This was supposed to be our future. The thing that would make our earrings less lumpy. Are the sales flat because we've rotated in to a higher margin business to make more cash faster to get to break even or does this portend that our SaaS platform is not catching on. Maybe we've just shifted our sales efforts away from it. I don't know. But I would like to think long term investors would want to discuss this. You guys are leaders here. All the name calling wears me out. Lead by example. This guy aurin just seems to drive you guys nuts and brings out the worst in all of you. What about the SaaS sales. Your civil thought on the matter. By the way who rates the stock a strong buy before the cash raise is cleared up? This seems like a hold for now and a buy after the cash raise. My best.

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      • Horse....your comment made me doubt the 3 times that I listened to the CC so I went and read the entire call transcript. I am not sure what you have "tried" to refer to by saying "flat SaaS sales" or that "our SaaS platform is not catching on" ?? Do you understand that term Saas is really only referring to revenue recognition technique where instead of trying to sale a huge licence deal to a client, where it will take longer and places a larger barrier and burden for the client and their Opex, they would pay for using the software or system as they go and there by lowering their Capex. So it seems that your understanding of the term is incorrect because there was no reference in CC to "lower" SaaS contracts as a percentage of sales. If you are referring to the "backlog" being a bit lower then I can understand your concern but that only comes from your lack of understanding of revenue recognition between Mobile Marketing and Mobile Ad contracts. When we introduce the AdServe system the company was able to quickly increase our top line because Mobile Ad display is the hottest part of the Mobile Advertising Sector. As it has been explained on the CC, by the industry experts, and other who better understand the difference on this board. This sector brings with it "easy" money. Consequently that's due to lack of client's understanding of this space that they tend to duplicate their online display ads campaigns on the mobile platform and call that satisfying their mobile initiative. Money that goes to Ad display, both online and on mobile, get spent really quickly as CPC type campaign. This is exactly why we have been able to hit the higher revenue numbers and maintaining it during the highest ad display activity time, the holiday shopping season. This sector is also pretty sensitive to the ups and downs of the retail sector and as we all know that wasn't the best this last season as it shows by many of the retailers missing their numbers. So there will be a bit of lumpiness with burn rate and booking on this sector. I would not make a big deal of a bit lower backlog for one Q. If you see a trend of lower booking number for more then 3 Qs then I would be concern.

        I used to work for Oracle many years ago and understand that software licencing is choppy business. One must look at the long term trends to make a decision on state of the companies technology. Furthermore, the beauty and Ace in the sleeve with Augme is that as these client's get educated about mobile industry and the hidden gem then the move to Mobile Marketing as a comprehensive approach to an effective campaign will place us at the forefront of the industry and with it revenue explosion that would come with it. This move is still a couple of years out IMO.

        Finally, I personally think Augme is a Strong Buy at any price below $2 at this juncture so that is why I rate it as such regardless of dilution that will be coming.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Horserace,
        This is just a suggestion, why don't you wait to see progress before adding. I never buy into a position in any stock all at once. My best investments often involve me averaging up. This board is alive with imagination. If you find yourself reading this board for advice and/or info I recommend you do not. Boycott it. Remove the emotion to this stock and focus solely on the results and what the stock price is telling you. Those so called disconnects b/w share price and "what is going on" get rectified very quickly, but if strong results for 2 quarters you will have plenty of room to add to your position and still make strong returns. Folks say be patient when holding a stock, I say be oatient when it in increments as the company earns it. Good luck to all.

      • horse, fyi, your post is two faced. One, the fatherly "we should be above that" tone. Then you throw a zinger at sirius and I by saying "By the way who rates the stock a strong buy before the cash raise is cleared up?" after you preach civility. WE do. If you don't know the reason then you haven't been reading our posts. I frankly didn't know that a cash raise was the only criteria for judging whether a company should be rated a "strong buy" or not. I guess that I missed that memo. Sorry you don't agree.

        With regard to your other questions, several on this board have posted answers ad nauseum to them, mobileguru probably providing the best posts, but apparently you either haven't read them, disagree with them, or choose to ignore them.

        I for one am tired of the drive-by-shootings by posters with new (and multiple) id's for the sole purpose of trying to scare people into selling their stock at $.5395 pps because Augme is apparently going under. I do not want to offer them one ounce of credibility. While they might articulately present "information", some of it might be right, but most of it is wrong, or misleading because it is taken out of context, or it is old news or history that doesn't apply or isn't relevant anymore.

        In any case, you will either have to put up with a few periodic rants from me when these new "bashers" show up, or if you can't, just put me on ignore.

        jason, with a STRONG BUY rating.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Thank you for your post. I have been a loyal and long AUGT investor for over the past two years and very much respect the advice of Siri, Arn, Spetty, Flyers, Hfb, Billy et al. I very much want to hear from others about their informed opinions as I have learned alot from this Board. That being said, the recent wave of bashers only win if you choose to engage them. As childish as it may sound, one of my favorite quotes is "it sucks to be the adult" and not lower your level of intelligence by engaging others. Sometimes silence is the best way to approach these bashers. All that being said, I can honestly say that AUGT has taken a terrible beating from the investment community as a OTC stock. While I do believe there is gold at the end of the rainbow with AUGT, I just hope that I'm not drinking Kool-Aid by lowering my average cost basis for this stock. Hopefully, we will get past the dilution concerns and get this stock heading back in the right direction. Best of luck to all! Bill.

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      • Great post Horserace...the sort of honest discourse that brings value to the board. An honest question/concern worth serious discussion. Thank you.

        I have often wondered the same. I remember the much-discussed SaaS validated integration partnership with the point where folks speculated on Oracle potentially buy Augme outright. Robbie Minicola's recent board appointment made me again wonder what happened with Oracle because of my perception that Microsoft and Oracle are bitter competitive rivals. How might our corporate partner Oracle perceive the Microsoft employee appointment? Perhaps the lack of SaaS sales via Oracle answers the possible question as to the future of that relationship?

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