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  • hfb46 hfb46 Mar 1, 2013 8:55 AM Flag

    This quarter

    After all the frustrations we longs have had over the last number of months, I want to caution against unrealistic expectations for this 4th Qtr's numbers. We don't need unrealistic "expectations" setting us up for another disappointment. For the record, I have not spoken with anyone at the company, so I am speculating. But my speculation is based upon the realization that the 4th Qtr (which ended on Feb 28) is seasonally slow anyway, and I am seeing signs of broad economic slowdown all across the board, even with WalMart. I believe Augme/HC had a great December, but I suspect that February especially was slow. I will be pleased with mid single digit growth, Q/Q. Remember, the company projected AVERAGE 15% Q/Q growth. They are in a business where some lumpiness is to be expected.

    What I will be very interested in is the same time of year comparisons with our "competitors" in the space. I think that will be more of a true gauge of how the company is doing. I also look for some of Hussey's cost cutting to show up in this quarter. It will be interesting to see if IB returns to pre-announcing numbers.

    FWIW, I like the direction the company now appears to be headed in. Robbee is very involved from her position on the Board, and HC is Ivan's "baby". I happen to know that IB holds Robbee in very high esteem. He has much at stake in the success of the company. From having spoken with him a couple of times I am confident in his vision for and leadership of the company. I believe they will continue to beef up the Board as well. IMO, better times are ahead.

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    • HFB,
      I completely agree.I am mostly interested in the cuts he has made as those will hae more long term impact.
      i would be very happy with a 10% increase in revenue. I am not worried about analysts projections.
      if we dont make it what are they gonna do?? We have met the devil and he is ours..


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      • 2 Replies to jimrob678
      • Jim, 10% may be a little too optimistic. Remember Velti and Mm are in the negative.. Anything in the positive would be wonderful and I am sure the street would love that as well....Remember, HC is great......Augme's patents are great... Together, they suck.....HC is being handcuffed by the cost of trying to litigate and monetize the IP. That being said, investors are either running or shying away...We get a FAIR npe deal and remove the misplacement ( is that a Roger Clemens word?) of HC's profits, HC will soar like an eagle.. SAVINGS OF 800 THOUSAND TO A MILLION PER MONTH according to Jason.. ...Well capitalized npe takes over the monetization of the patents, at VERY LITTLE or no cost to us, TO GO AFTER 1000 THOUSAND INFRINGERS and we are back to being great-great with both companies that can coexist..Capisce???

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      • I hear contradictory views on the seasonal timing....According to the ceo of MM 4th Q was a slower season for them and Q1 they expect a pick up.....but I heard previous management allude to our 1st Q to be slower....