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  • letsrideitout letsrideitout Mar 7, 2013 8:53 PM Flag

    The great thing about iggy

    The longs have now decided to ignore anyone that does not agree with there BS. Hey it is a free country and they can certainly enjoy the fake illusion of everything is great. The just will not see any negative posts

    But for the new viewer he will see all of the comments. Without the longs seeing any negative posts the new viewer will not see anyone argue with the 'bashers' Also the longs will not be placing any thumbs down. There will mostly be thumbs up on basher comments.

    So this creates a world where new viewers un aware of the situation will think most agree with the bashers of this poor little dog stock.

    You just got to love it.

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    • Anyone who reads the bashers' comments know that most of them are idiots. All one has to do is read the posts of guys like jason, flyers, hfb, mobileguru and a few others and it becomes obvious who has the intellect and who is sitting around in their parents' basement posting between the kiddie porn movies they're watching. Do you really think that anyone would take guys like birdog, longgjsilver et al seriously?

      You're about the only basher I WON'T put on ignore because you actually make an attempt to use numbers to support your opinion, despite the fact the numbers you use are totally unsupported and intentionally misleading. Whenever I call you on them using facts or ask you to support your opinion, you slink away, usually without even making an attempt to do so. I have no problem with someone having a different opinion than I do if what they say is well-reasoned and can be supported by at least some semblance of facts. You unfortunately don't fall into this category. Just wondering how many times I'm going to have to make you look like a fool before you decide to change your ID again....

      Lastly, anyone who would make an investment decision based on a message board is not the sharpest tool in the shed and isn't the type of person I'd want as a shareholder in the company anyway.

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      • LOL. Your comments are not even worth responding. Look @ the price, who has been wrong? Your so called intellect analysis thus far has been a huge failure. You and the others failed to see the other side of the business and mgmt abilities to deliver, sugar coating everything along the way. Propaganda ministers of lies.

      • Thanks Spetty I do not count you in the idiot pumper class either as I often find your posts interesting.

        I think I have a good fix on the condition of this company and I do think there is hope IF they get their act together. Up till about now they have been a pure PA money burning machine. I am impressed with them tossing out the do little 6 that just went out the door.

        I stated that best case this might stop the free fall in price, it just won't raise the price.

        I suspect that shortly there will be another BIGGER office close down that will be dressed up as a spin off (I think they fear the layoff word).

        The market wants to see some dead heads go out the door. When you look at sales vs. body count it is just insane.

        In some other realm I think you and I would be just fine, may we hope to see that someday.