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  • tbirdau03 tbirdau03 Apr 25, 2013 6:51 PM Flag

    Earnings run-up?

    Will we get one? Or since we pre-announced, there won't be.

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    • It don't matter in the scheme of things. Consider 2013 the year Augme will be doomed or got saved. If saved, no value will be apparent till 2014. We lost time here by saving our own neck as we got deep in the hole which instead was supposed to be the revenue/positive earnings year going in the positive direction. Consider 2013 the "Save my Butt" year! Don't count on pps going up this year go elsewhere!

    • The "no further dilution" confirmed by management by Spetty is a popular theme.
      It's likely the one thing that has held buyers back.
      Next is LOC, probably not confirmed until the conference call.
      Next is break-even, which may or may not occur by the call.
      Company has clearly turned the corner.
      Now it just needs to continue on this path of churning revenue building growth...

    • I wouldn't expect one. Now if they have some good news they are going to report about 2014Q1 ending May 31st, some good news regarding IP, an announement of a LOC, or just about any other good news regarding the outlook for the year we could get a positive bounce. But 2013Q4 is already baked into the price.