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  • thokie1 thokie1 May 21, 2014 3:52 PM Flag

    Huge volume but just 6% of float

    94% of float is holding tight! most think this is overdone. BUY

    Sentiment: Buy

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    • your math is way way off ... and so is your logic.

      1/3 owned by institutions (not going anywhere)
      1/3 owned by insiders (not going anywhere)
      1/3 is floating around to trade (fire sale!)

      1/3 of 770mln is approx 257mln

      The day saw 52mln shares change hands

      52mln of 257mln is 20%.

      What you saw today was a bloodbath as the market took in the
      news that Nick reversed his commitments from 10 days ago,
      and plotted a new course for ARCP. Basically, he lied. Sort of.

      Simple analogy: You live in AZ and 10 days ago you bought a bus
      ticket to go to TX. The bus company took your money and handed
      you a ticket. You willingly got on the bus, and decided to take a nap.

      When you woke up the captain informed you that the trip to TX is
      cancelled, and for your own good the bus has been re-routed to
      Niagara Falls via Buenos Aires. The bus accelerator is jammed,
      but the captain assures you that the bus WILL NOT run out of gas
      and we SHALL arrive at Niagara Falls. Via Buenos Aires. There is
      nothing to worry about. Carry on.

      I wouldn't say we are screwed, but ARCP is not for the faint of heart
      either get to know the REIT business, and I mean pick up a book, or
      get the hell out of this thing. In my FY2013 portfolio the REIT business
      accounted for over 1/3 of my realized gains and more than 50% of my
      dividend income. I didn't make that money by jumping on innuendo and
      rumors, but rather fully understanding Cap Rates, AFFO and the legal
      structure of the REIT itself; how it operates and what binds it to the
      shareholders that support it.

      ARCP is not a growth stock. It will take the rest of 2014 to return to 14pps
      and the next 24-36 months to stabilize in the 14-15 range. The dividend
      growth prospects are dim, especially after the spin-off cancellation
      however when the dust settles ARCP shall enter the SAP 500 in 2015
      and with that MASSIVE success those of us who bought in at lower pps
      will enjoy a long period of strong dividend growth and capital appreciation.

      Good evening to all.

      Sentiment: Hold

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