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  • boyd25311 boyd25311 Oct 2, 2001 2:37 PM Flag

    MNTG vs other WV facilities

    You moaners and groaners should sell ur shares of MNTg so we can buy at a cheaper price. Several of you want to compare the increase in play at Charles Town and Wheeling and MNTg holding steady as a "bad thing" for Mountaineer. For someone who is familiar with the 4 facilities in Wv understands that Charles Town will eventually surpass MNTg play for many reasons..increase in machines...close proximity to Washington/Baltimore.....four hotels within walking distance,etc....Wheeling will never pass MNTG because of Mountaineer's aggresive marketing.....can things improve at MNTg---you bet...remember this company has about doubled the employees in a year or so--you ever tried to train 500 new employees in a period of a year??...but when the expansions are completed and time allows for proper employee training, improve upon strengths & weaknesses.. etc.....this stock will be beyond $ moaners and groaners...sell now and get out!!! Those of us who buy will claim ur profit in the near future....thanks

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    • Hi Boyd.

      Your argument sounds like the fallacy of false dilemma, as in "America: Love it or leave it."

      Your two options seem to be: sell your shares, or be so infatuted with MNTG that you can dismiss any legitimate negativity as simply some whiner being unpatriotic to the cause (and with noses correspondingly in close proximity to Ted's nether regions).

      I see a third option-- figure out ways of improving, so that cash cow gets even fatter.

      So, I think posting legitimate complaints here is reasonable. So too is comparing us to the other WV slots places.

      Plus, does it really matter if you or I think that the complaints are valid? Perception's everything. If it keeps customers away (as it did in the case of the recent poster here who said he stopped going) it's a cause for concern.



      • 1 Reply to bpesta22
      • How many customers have stayed away? The only customers I see staying away are those without money or the ones that are not flying in!
        Again, what are the specific problems that are so great in magnitude that are keeping people away???

        On the stock issue its simple if you dont like the business climate and thousands of people are complaining BUY PENN, or MIEC, or DOVER DOWNS or any of the gaming stocks that are in 100% contol of their busines. Such as MGM, Boyds, etc. I would tell you that these companys have many years of experience in gaming and have no problems that exist at there facilities.
        Thus buying these would be IMHO the way to play the never ending PERFECT WORLD OF GAMING...the perfect world is not at GO WEST YOUNG MAN...