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  • TED and management seem to be acquiring many shares of stock thru the exercising of cheaply priced options....the option plan they used in 2001 did not need the approval of shareholders 500,000 shares at7.30.There are still 5,900,000 other options and warrants exercisable at about 2.80.THE fundamentals at the W.VA property seem excellent.The options bother me.IT IS JUST THE WAY I FEEL CSCO,MAYBE this is needless concern as this already reflected in the stock price???????

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    • Options are never in the mix till they are exercised.

      Also, the management team has been playing this stock market expertly by buying back shares which really is a wash to all intense purposes. If any one had there "intelligence" days after the bombing they would have been buying also.

      Smart move Ted and Comapany!

      You should have been buying the stock instead of some concern for options and what options are doing to the stock as you can see wasting your time trying to be a genius has cost you and some others money. About a 40% gain in 3 weeks since that terrible act.

      This is not pari mutuel wagering, the smartest guy does not WIN at this game it is he WHO LISTENS TO THE WISEST : NOT WHO FISHES IN SEWERS THAT MAKES MONEY.

      You have continued to go on about warrants please address this specific Q: How many warrants are outstanding and how are they treated compared to options.

      Also feelings are not for stock players they are for love, do not fall in and out of love with a stock or company, divorce youself and never look back.

      When EMOTIONS are in the equation your IQ will go to ZERO!!!!!!!!!!

      BeachBev can attest to listening, just a little guidance go's a little way. Right BB!