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  • beanbean714 beanbean714 Oct 16, 2001 10:26 PM Flag

    mntg climber

    What I stated was that a 20 percent increase in slot revenue year to year does not translate into a 20 percent earnings per share increase.......WE will see earnings release day!

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    • You seem to avoid any Q that have put you on the spot for specific answers. So now you say MNTG will not meet earnings for the 3Q Well that is a bold statement from you when MMC posts the numbers every week. What should the numbers be and what will they be, as usual you avoid the EXACTNESS to lend yourself to any credibility and you have never showed your math or your model. As usual we would like to see your presentation here but I am sure we will get the usual opinion and by the way beaner thats about 56% since 9/15. Ill give you an easy credibility test

      Q1 What is the difference between livestock and commonstock?
      Q2 What is the difference between semiconductor chips and chocolate chips?

      These are not true and false Q or fill in the blanks but if you want us to give you choices we can but uh! Well your opinion, I guess we can go with your opinion.

      Oh and by the way earnings wont be released this Q in the usual manner: this Q everyone on the board will give a number and we will take an ave, along with 2 standard deviations, thus we can take all the chance of error out of the equation.

      And by the way where is the SUNNYONE I see Frank has got it straight with the EPA. Any new news there Sunny that I am missing. I can tell you this I wish it were sunny in Ohio caus its cold and windy.