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  • a ceo i'm not. a retirees i'm one. Made my money and like to make more. Not dumb there is a gold mine in WV. not in Reno, North Vegas or Erie, not for me but for Ted's close folks that he takes care of. He lies to the shareholders (last Meeting) and don't care about us.

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    • Your statement of being lied to if correct would tell anyone that invests in that company to get out. Why would you invest your hard earned money with a company like MNTG where the CEO lies you have no faith in his management skills and you are hoping to make money. a company that has missed earnings for 8 straight times, the employees are terrible, the BOD need to get it together and riptide told you for a year now that you shouuld get out!

      ...Now when the stock was a dollar $1 about 4 or 5 years ago and even 3 or 4 a year ago or so then 17+ this year that is a great return. Did you sell and make money?

      ...and you say you are not dumb i would agree with that but why then would you continue to hold MNTG with all those negative factors ahead: Slots in PA, Slots in MD, A CEO that has lost his credibility, BOD that are friends, Missed earnings, Lies, Cheats and Scams, half full facility, etc.

      This would lead any smart investor to get the hell out, in fact Riptide has told all of us on this board that PENN is where we need to put are money...and he might be PENN has earnings out next week...should be interesting!!!


    • Take it easy Jenny Dog 99 - With comments like that ("He lies to the shareholders (last Meeting) and don't care about us") you're going to strike some sensitive nerves on this board. In other words, if you speak the truth on here, you get shut out. All anybody wants to hear is the typical Rah Rah pablum.

      PS - You gave props yesterday to someone who commented on CT's superior performance vs. MNTG's. Haven't I been telling you the same thing for months?!? When I say the same things on this board, all I get is the same old garbage - "If you don't like this stock, why don't you................................"