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  • beanbean714 beanbean714 Feb 24, 2003 8:43 PM Flag

    Ted A

    Has 700,000 options that expire on March 10 at 2.41.Look for him to borrow the money from MNTG or sell 300,000 shares after earnings to exercise the options.We may go under 5 and settlearound 4and low change if guidance is for a loss in quarter 1.

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    • My prediction is that Ted will let the option's expire.

      Especially when he misses for Q4, and pre announces for Q1 (due to the weather of course).

      • 1 Reply to bpesta22
      • 1. Dont know the answer to 200 slot machines, yet!

        2. The stock price is cheap and getting cheaper without buyers. Holding? along with a lot of them!

        3. Already have guided for weather last week!

        4. If you can tell us the bottom do so, side bets...most of the so called experts cant figure this out, they call themselves brokers!

        5. Insurance has and will be a problem with all companies and employees for years to come, along with pension plans, MTR included will go to self insured plan i would say in the near future to limit costs.

        6. It will take at least till the second quarter for new COO's measures and changes to take effect(we hope sooner)...and some nice weather with Sun and beauitiful blue skies? Dreams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        7. A cut in compensation/bonus would go along way for all management!

        8. Anyone interested in buying MTR for an acqusition should be getting a few shares cheap here! I think MTR and CHDN would be a great fit, they add 1 track, 1 to be built, and a racino and cash to their portfolio & slots which they dont have in Kentucky but could be legislated there in a few years. Also the possibility of tables somewhere down the line!
        HET could be a lookin, if someone is they can move swiftly at these levels! Maybe EDDIE jr?

        9. If your in it for the next year is it cheap? Lets see if the insiders start to buy?

        10. Call the guy in westlake that said " I am the guy that asks all the Questions on the conference calls at the annual meeting" he's an expert and he can lead you GM boys to renewed peace of mind thru his innovative new theraputic financial service...CAPITAL LOSS COUNSELOR...he thought he was a broker once!