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  • raulsdaz raulsdaz Oct 27, 2012 2:08 PM Flag

    Insiders getting ready to dump 20 million shares!!!!

    Don't listen to the hype!!!!

    Check the quarterly earnings statements for a reality check and then ask how a company can pay out 600,000 per year in operating expenses and stay in business for seven years without ever making a profit.

    All of their PR's have a disclaimer so don't believe anything you read and notice they never give any actual sales data or revenue figures just suggestions of what may happen that never pan out.

    There is no reason for this scheme to take advantage of new investors in the future.

    The SEC has been made aware of their last pump and dump scheme from 2011.

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    • What is your source on dumping 20mm shares? You are just full of it. All PRs for every company has disclaimers. Nothing new there. Are you just a sour investor. As much as you post I'm sure you lost a lot. Learn to invest at the right time. Buy low sell high.

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      • Hi mbusby1977!
        raulsdaz' post was October 27th. The next two trading days, only 516,000 shares were sold at .13 or more. Since then the stock has been trading for .08 to .09 roughly with a total of 3,018,400 shares sold from after October 27th until 11/23. If any shares were dumped, it amounted to a half million shares - far short of the 20 million raulsdaz alluded to. Some smart buyers are getting in at the current price big time. Notice the nice volume at .08 and UBSS' order waiting to buy 100,000 shares at .077. raulsdaz' has helped the big guys by scaring the little guys out of their shares - probably not his intention, or maybe he was trying to save the little guy some money. However, I think he is costing the little guy some money.

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      • Insiders that pumped up the share price before the lame product PR are now heading for the exits.

        Next stop .04

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