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  • lokidoki1111 lokidoki1111 Sep 25, 2008 1:36 PM Flag

    Tick tick tick - 8x Libor Exposure

    If the liquidity crisis continues, the USA as we know it may very well end, all together. As far as sitting on the fence, anyone with any dry powder left, sitting on the sidelines, is going to be quite sorry. As soon as the gov't cuts a deal with wallstreet, stocks and confidence will go way up and confidence builds more confidence, ect. Agnc has one of the lowest risks right now, on wall street or any street, for the ratio of return here. How many companies can control their entire employee/management cost/risk at 1.5% capped AND have that management tied in for 5 million shares, not just a salary they can walk away from, talk about incentive to perform?!? Anything below $21.00 a share is suuuuch a gift. With them being an acas baby(owning one third of agnc), and with acas's vast finacial networking background and their connections in the financial microworld, it is shocking this stock is not $30.00+ a share, right now, easy! Only a combo of day-trading, shorting and a crazy ass market of fear, have made it trade were it is currently. Just know this stock may end up much, much higher than $30.00. This may be just a fraction of its future value.

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