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  • stockmeister3 stockmeister3 Aug 28, 2009 2:28 PM Flag

    BAC/ MERRILL "Valuation" Downgrade is a JOKE

    If the Merrill/BAC earnings estimate is correct (but they must believe it), AGNC will earn 4.98 in 2010 (next year. In other words they believe that earnings will continue to be good thru 2010 right? Yet they set their price target @23 - based on valuation. If AGNC pays out 90% of income as required per REIT rules - they'd pay out $4.48 in dividends in 2010. At $23, that's a 19.5% return thru 2010. That doesn't take into account the $.79 that AGNC still has banked (and may pay out in 2009) or that AGNC has suggested that they'll pay out close to 100% of earnings in dividends. If they pay out the full $4.98 in dividends we're talking about a 21.65% return for 2010; That's based on THEIR #s folks.

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    • 23 you scoffed at last august doesn't look like as much of a joke now, does it?

      agnc was over $28 when you spewed out that joke comment - now stock is much closer to 23 than the price at the time you made that idiotic remark

    • I hope you are out there. You are really uninformed. Dr. do not live and make millions contrary to popular belief.Let me give you the example. Called on a Sat night to come in for tubal pregnancy, emergency, did emergency surgery and was paid 325 dollars approx 25% of normal charge. I will take a salary anytime. A plumber would have charged me more for a clogged drain.

    • my words sound like an idiot?? maybe you can't read??

      i agree with you that medical care is over-priced, but if ibama would have gotten his way, the COST OF CARE WOULD HAVE INCREASED, not decrease.

      I will say again - there is not way we can have more and better health care for all the paople for less is just one of Obama's many many lies! Do you actually think that health insurance companys will lower premiums if we have national health care? If you do, then YOU ARE TRULY THE IDIOT, not me.

      Private sector will simply exit health care market all together...then the govt will run it, and we all know what a splendid job govt does with everything they run, don't we???

      I am laughing my azz off at your post which makes no sense....are you saying your wife should be treated for her serious condition, for what?, maybe a $20 cost to you????

      DREAM ON.........they will see to it that people like her are put away so as not to cost the system endless streams on money.....may God have mercy on your soul for wishing such a thing on to your wife!

    • this is nice review material.

      BAC/ML downgraded AGNC right before the beginning of the 4th quarter. Then added to their position in the forth quarter. There price target was 23. That being the case they way overpaid for stock that they downgraded.

      On a side note. Cramer is staying stay away.

      I usually do well doing the opposite of "Wealth Destroyer".

      I'll be back in soon.

    • Please be advised that payable dividend date is October 27th.

    • I thought that this topic needed to be brought to the top again.

      Remember BAC/Merrill's uneducated downgrade that made no sense.

      Downgrade and accumulate.

      JPM is doing the same thing (or trying to)

    • 2500 - 580 = 1920...enogh to live on

      my Anthem bill for my family is over $1000/month

      stop crying and pay up if you want the benefits...otherwise you get what you payed for.

    • I disagree with the post which takes at face value Obama's statement that they underestimated the bailout money.

      No. They lied. They know you will gripe less if they break the bailout to the banks into more and smaller doses. They know the last soundbites will have passed before they give the new total, as an addition, of course.

      I was a lobbyist for 6 years. There are no mistakes in politics. That is what they just tell you.

    • Good point. I haven't traded the premarket news but it sure seems like an early sell on a downgrade followed by a mid afternoon buy wouold work well. As far as anything that comes from "professional analysts" like from BAC, I ignore it. some of these morons thought the DOW was undervalued at 14,000, the rest are still looking for jobs.

    • Obama has now openly admitted his team made errors in underestimating the size of our economic problems and hence we need all the extra stimulus he is now proposing.

      How in the world can we trust his health care calculations. No on can convice me that we can provide the best of free health care to everyone now not insured for little or no money and that there will not be rationing. Last night on the Lehr Report their guests Shields and Croft BOTH agreed that all countries with national health care have some form of rationing, and we do now, and we certainly will also after his plan gets enacted.

      National Health Care is DEATH TO AMERICA.

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