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  • illflem illflem Dec 3, 2009 12:50 PM Flag

    Some interesting facts

    Problem with the capitalist system is it depends on a growing population to work. US population growth had almost reached zero and was headed towards negative growth until Ronald Reagan offered amnesty to the illegals, the immigrants with their higher birth rate got the population growing again.
    Now even immigrant family size is shrinking. This is the big reason SS and Medicare will run out of money, it's exactly like a ponzi pyramid scheme that depends on new investors.
    It will take a major rethinking of how we deal with the economy without growing population that will almost have to include higher taxes possibly rebuilding infrastructure.
    I have a feeling the politicians are well aware of the need for growing population to retain the statistique and that's the reason immigration reform never happens.

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    • ill, I think you have some thoughts on target. But it's not a problem with capitalism. It's a problem with a socialist program that continues to provide monetary support through the use of taxes to cover those who are included in government support programs. Pretty soon you run out of tax money. That particularly happens when a society is in a declining birth rate situation. But not to worry. The muslims are coming into the US and establishing their 'rights' and their birth rate per family is about 6, compared to the US which is now below 2. So somewhere around 2050, they may be in the majority or control enough to take over government and we will then see how their muslim societies provide for those who don't do enough for themselves.

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      • If the silent majority of Muslims do not start cleaning up thier own act, there may soon be a lot less of them in the world. They sit silent claiming it is just a few Radical Clerics who cause all the trougle. What do you think would happen if the POPE were to urge his followers to kill all non Christians? The other religions would soon target him.
        The radicl clerics are no different than the bomb factories in any other war. If you don't take them out the war never ends. They are slick and invisible because the Muslim population helps them stay hidden as they brainwash more kids into becoming human bombs for God.
        How sick is that and how can anybody but another crazy Muslim justify it? Sendin in sharp shooters until all the Radical Muslim Cleric are underground is the only solution short of killing them all. One man's opinion who has watched this religious farce go on for much too long.

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