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  • jrfillion jrfillion Feb 23, 2010 3:49 PM Flag

    Wow! the newbies are crawling out of

    the woodwork! The BIG DIV! But, hopefully they will be smart enough to do their dd before jumping in! With the problems facing this sector, especially AGNC in particular, I can't see too many investors willing to pay over $25. And you can bet it will fall like a rock on XDIV, as the shorts jump in with both feet! How many times will it retest 25 before investors start backing out? I even doubt it will go much higher. If it goes much higher it starts being a good short; even with paying the div.

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    • ...JR you are a shortie trying to scare the hell out divvy collectors, so you can buy in at a low price and collect the dividend.
      ...No doubt hedge funds and shorts are waiting for the carrion!

    • Wrong... AGNC has good future earnings... you'll be paying the stock holders high dividends for a long time to come. Current NAV doesn't matter when the company is earning $1-$2 per quarter. Its not uncommon for stocks to trade multiples of book. In fact, I believe AGNC will trade at a 1.5x NAV. This was the case for ACAS back in its day.. ACAS historically traded 1.4x NAV on average back then. I think this will hit $33 by the end of the year. JMHO.

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