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  • only_one_cannoli only_one_cannoli Nov 13, 2010 1:46 PM Flag

    $31? Anyone


    Thanks to many of you I've learned a lot about trading reading these comment pages and you guys are much more knoweledgable about this stock than I.

    Fwiw, my spidey sense told me that Cantor Fitzgerald is waiting for this to hit the 30s before selling some of those 15 million shares. So 31 by ex div doesn't seem like a sure thing at all.

    But then I'm not as confident (or as successful) in trading based on a stock's previous patterns as some of you. Maybe a result of my creating lots of worthless backtested trading systems based on historical patterns that refused to repeat.

    Some managements don't like short term traders pushing their stock price around. E.g., Buffet kept his Berkshire shares 'expensive' for years to discourage day trading. I keep thinking while AGNC mgmt maybe isn't hostile to its short term traders then at least they consider us something to exploit.
    - .02

    Cheers, GLTA (...except those pesky after-hours insider traders who knew about that ACAS trade before the fact.)

    This topic is deleted.
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