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  • arshakandriasov arshakandriasov Dec 16, 2010 4:13 PM Flag

    I am cursing with every minute that is going by

    I hate the idea of a Friday announcement. This is such BS. This is NOT good.

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    • u think it will after the bell or before

    • Arshakandri

      A few prayers and I feel better and more patient.

      Everything I have is in the dumps and nothing is working. I am taking a beating, I mean a beating on the MLPs and I was looking forward to the MREITs helping me through this. IVR or AGNC have not done that job, yet!

      I just can't figure that AGNC would have had two secondaries and sold ACAS shares to then put all of us through a dividend reduction. I am also not naive to think they wouldn't, but the trade off is huge. For new capital, they would have the market doubting them for an entire month before the earnings release in early February.

      They would have known their projections and whether they had sufficient taxable income to meet the $1.40 dividend, something they have done for five straight quarters.

      If you consider that IVR announced its dividend with its secondary so it was better digested, AGNC did not do that. They must have thought it was not necessary and my thinking is you don't just invite new people to the party without enough punch and tell your old loyal guests the punch is low.

      While wrong lately on everyting, I do have faith. Doc's said that he was prepared if "coal" was in his stocking and might double down. I have faith in that idea too, but it is hard when you see that HTS is $1.00 off its high before its $.10 reduction. So, it is nothing to take lightly either. The psychology is taking its toll; hence, and entire string dedicated to when this divdiend will be announced.

      I am hoping and praying for all of us that we get what we want. Santa Claus is coming, but he seems to be stuck in the chimney. I hope it is not coal, but gold in our stocking. I think that is what they intended and what they will deliver.

      I could use some of it.

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      • Thanks Benny, your message made it more bearable. Yeah, Santa ate too much dividends and forgot to move to a better house with a bigger chimney. I will not use our tactics anymore, it worked this year, but now i will just buy during the offerings of agnc, nly, hts, and then sell the calls two days after. In my mind, this is the new tactic, at least for me. Thanks again, B, and good luck to us all, whichever way we are trading or investing.

    • What has you so concerned about a Friday announcement? From what I understand, it was announced last year on Friday and that all went just fine. Whatever the dividend is, I'm willing to bet that it's still going to put AGNC as the highest yielding mREIT out there, meaning we'll have a good run into the ex date, as there are a lot of dividend chasers out there. HTS and NLY did cut their dividends, but not by much, and AGNC is a better managed company. We rebounded 53 cents from today's low in a matter of hours. I'd sit back and relax, and if we do have a reduction in dividend, let it go down some and jump in, and get ready for the ride up. Good luck.

    • I don't like Friday announcements either, and Annaly avoids them like the plague. Still, the last two Decembers for AGNC have done exactly that -- and things came out rather swimmingly. What will be will be.

      No cursing during Christmas season, okay? :)

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