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  • maha_purusha maha_purusha Dec 23, 2010 11:35 AM Flag


    It is my suggestion that any RMBS CMBS and REIT paying greater than over a usuary dividend of 12%, at current prices, should pay the excess into a escrow account to be used for the purpose of easing foreclosures and if necessary transfered to extend the solvency of social security entitlement

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    • pistols with real round bullets, or with pellits?

    • Blah Blah Blah Blah! all you egotistical fuchs should be taxed on the oxygen you use.
      your worthless arguements clog up the board.
      if your really serious about your ideals then pistols at dawn would at least spare the rest of us from your tedium

    • Maha, aka Birinchi Baba,

      Was that Engineer you Birinchi in your younger years. You claim all wisdom and eternal existence. Did this come as a result of your discussions with Jesus or Plato before him?

      I know who you are and the great deception that remains to be exposed in your life.

      Will your minions continue to bow or will you declare the hollowness of your sad existence. are crumbling before you...neither your poor disciple Gurupada nor his daughter Buchki will continue their oblations once your deception is exposed.

      Declare your true intent to these board members and we will offer you the gift of absolution. Otherwise how will your many sins and deceptions be purged?

      Repent Maha_Purush.... I know your name.

    • And your call is to keep this captain employed and supply him with state owned liquor probably.

    • How far is the horizon asked Capt Vancouver. The engieer replied: Capt, if go up on the observation deck which is 35' above the water and see through your monocular, if you see a ship vanising behind the horzon, the ship is eight miles away from you. Capt looked into the engineer's eyes and called for more rum.

    • It is not flipping houses, it is called crunching numbers. Take this house I had. Had VA lone I had assumed a 5.25% Balance was around $7500 dollars. Ford time, Interest rate was 18% I made a proposal to the bank. If I paid them the principal they could lend at 18% Why don't you split the profit with me. The number suggested would have paid off in the next ten months. Remember WAMU. They saw my argument caght them by surprise. The immidiately adopted a dog in the manger policy. I paid them at 5.25% interest in the next seven years. WAMU was a capitalist idiot as far as I was concerned. There as no pre payment penalty in the contract because I had assumed the previous joint buyer's contract. Also, I was not lender, he was a lender. Cash up front would have benefitted WAMU

    • And now he's flipping hamburgers...all beef hamburgers. It's got the poor lad in a tizzy.

    • Believe it or not. My owning all that asset does not help you or anybody else. I came naked, I will leave this world naked. Everything else remains here for vulture to devour. I don't have to be a weirdo, I gain nothing from lying.

      I was asked by someone who has pulomonary fibrosis inhaling glass dust, maybe in his non-government company. I do feel sorry for him. Hopefully interommune ITMN and FBT (or FTB} will provide him relief if the glass dust is somehow removed. I don't know if he also has portal hypertention and esophegial bleeding. Let me tell you, if you have question, I am not a doctor. I can advise a person who wants to know how far is the horizon he sees. Get the circumfrence of the globe. Any internet search will give you. Stand on this circumfrance line at any place, draw a straight line from your eye level tangantially to touch the other point on the circumfrence. Very simple, my american educated boss did not know how to do it. He had to be "spoon fed".

    • I highly doubt an idiot like yourself is a millionaire. The internet is full of weirdos...


    • WAMU, nope. They all know me any way. I bought and sold seven houses. I have banke with Fidelity, Prudential, Three commericial banks , four credit unions in my area., and I haven't cheated any one of them. American Express came with an executive platinum card to offer. My answer was all credit cards are same, why should I pay 450 dollars for that color on that card. A store refused my check, asked me if it was a "buisness check" I refused his sale. Two customers lost buisness - the store and the bank. Said to myself what idiots american buisnessmen are.

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