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  • t_bubrick t_bubrick Mar 8, 2011 12:20 PM Flag

    suggest a date to sell to avoid divi?

    I have lots of carry forward losses which can offset any cap gains. So, ex date is 3/21, the plan is to sell before that date and repurchase the shares for around 1.40 less after the ex date.
    Are there any experts on the board who might suggest a date to sell and a date to repurchase based on the recent quarters? Thanks for any input.

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    • AGNC usually doesn't go down $1.40 after paying out dividend. This isn't a special one, so it doesn't get a haircut. You may end up having to rebuy it at the same price and have missed out on the dividend.

    • I would click on the "Historical Prices" link on AGNC's page in Yahoo finance. They have the dividends marked in the price listings. Look for when the price peaked prior the last few divs and use your own judgement on when to sell. I don't believe there is a set rule (like "always sell 2 days before the ex-date", etc).

      Also, I am a tax accountant. There are a number of misconceptions in this thread, but none are relevant to your position. Sounds like you got the right idea from a tax standpoint.

      Best of luck to you.

    • Only cuz I pay taxes LOL. Ther eis a trend to teh ramp up to the EX, but you can't predict a precise day. If I had to do it blind I would pick the day befor the EX date.

      I have to add, the best time to get back in is not right after the Div, rather look for a SPO as someone mentioned. It is almost a guarentee there will be one (or likely more) befor expectd June Div date. SPO tend to be best buying times. GLTY!

    • When do they typically start shorting? On the day before ex-dividend, two days before, or ? If they outnumber those buying for the dividend next week, the stock price will drop.

    • remember there is a waiting period to repurchase or the IRS will treat the cost as the same as the old shares you bought even if you pay more for them.

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