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  • TheYuha TheYuha Mar 28, 2011 9:06 PM Flag

    is $29.05 a good price to get in

    I bought mine a few days ago but I think it is still ok. Over the long term this company seems to do well. I still rate it a buy but Im glad I got it in the 28s. IVR is a good buy as well, so is ARR. I am a littl concerned that commodities may pull it down but they shouldnt have a real bad effect they will recover. Earnings that come out next month on these companies are what make the biggest deal to these companies, the other fluctuations are short term and less meaningful( and hard to predict).The FED is offering a lot of mortgage backed securities and the 3 companies I mention here all compete for them like dogs for the bone. There will be more offerings but AGNC is getting into big money and the stock price is not getting down to the offering prices. I mean big money is coming into AGNC, the other 2 companies havent gotten as much money but they may soon be discovered. when big money comes in there may be less volatility, I think they get in and stay.

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