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  • jforuus jforuus Dec 27, 2011 9:53 PM Flag

    Seems like this works

    But can you take the pain when the shannigans the sponsors start playing.

    Such as those August and Oct. wicks down!

    Oh yeah another thing about options they usually are profitable for only a short window of time for the most part.

    I would start off slow with the options and use DEEP IN THE MONEY CALLS to protect yourself against sponsor shannigans.

    Unless you beleive Corozine didn't know, Madoff was mis-understood and Blankfein gives a s@#$T if you loose your 401K.

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    • Plus your going to have to have a margin account worth $25k minimum usually and if you want to learn to play, mathematically speaking your going to loose your fair share before you get the hang of it.

      20% percent isn't so bad vs. the vultures circling around you.

      But WTF do I know, I am sure these 3 bandaleros are genuine and will kiss and tuck you into bed.

      Let me go further somewhere along the line you can bet they will find a new true range to run with whent he level iii boys find it profitable to do so.

      Oh yeah you should never actually use the bid and ask of an option written in grantie you DICTATE what you want to pay and see if anyone will fill it else oh well.

      DEEP in the MONEY BRAHH, is the only thing that will give you some protection.

      Goodluck to you if you decide to enter the octagon. :)

      I'd wait for a dip and try to purcahse a $22 strike price two months out and ride that sucker up and cut my losses with a TIGHT stop loss order which you don't actually input and show your poker cards. But WTF do I know.

      A strangle was very profitable for those long wicks in August and Oct.


      This thred seems like drawing a bear with honey to the slaughter.

      Come on in the water is warm. :)

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