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  • r.splain r.splain Dec 28, 2011 9:31 PM Flag

    How long will this dividend be maintained?

    Im 18 and looking to get myself into a nice DRIP program with an reit. Will this one be worth my while?

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    • The divident will be maintained until blue birds fly over the rainbow.

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      • In an ideal world the DRIP is awesome, especially when you have some stand up companies like a "PHK" giving you a discount to current pps. Aside from the fact that your paying a massive premium to have someone talented handle your money.

        It is the most honest they can be to their shareholders when it comes to automatic buys.

        That being said, drop the DRIP, ASAP.

        Let it collect and find other vehicles to invest in. Remember always the only protection you have as investor against SPONSORS and Brokerage Houses as well as Hedgefund Managers that move a ton of money in and out a stock that causes havoc on pps is DIVERSIFICATION. Nevermind not so forthright CEO's like Crozine,Cameron,Pesquidoux,Kleinfeld,Bradshaw,Raymond Braun and countless others then the iditots like Chambers, Dov Charney and Reed Hastings.

        There is a fine line between diversifying and being over diversified. As a retail investor if cashing out at a 10% gain isn't semi-attractive then you do not possess enough shares of that company and should immediately go purchase a book on "money management".

        Above all what is good for you Joe isn't good for Timmy.

    • AGNC is the BEST mReit there is. Just make sure that your DRIP is not a post-nasal DRIP.

    • Do not drip here. Take your money and buy on the dips, not the drips...

    • I wish I was 18 and was involved in a good drip. The only thing wrong about the drip, if I remember right, is that you do not have any control on purchase price. You send the money and they buy their shares for you and they maintain them in your account. Any comment on this from experts? IF the dividend is maintained this would be one heck of a financial vehicle for you. Do not worry about this not being an IRA because you are better off paying the taxes as you go anyway. At age 64 the taxes are a ***** when you pay on your gained assets, especially during a turbulent market. Keep in mind that any investment can always be the wrong one. The price for experience. Jim

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