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  • stkpkr3 stkpkr3 Mar 8, 2012 1:36 PM Flag

    be careful of spammers telling the stock will drop

    This will hold and slowly rise up.too many spammers and pump and dump on here

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    • Isn't a "pump and dump" when you say how GOOD a stock is in an attempt to RAISE the stock price, then sell when it does? Maybe it's a "bash and buy" strategy, but in my case I'm just being overly protective of my funds. With the dividend drop and AGNC's reluctance to have a spo last quarter tens to make some investors leery. Since other REITs have dropped their dividend more than once, and some ever so recently, one cannot help but to think that there may actually be a real "pump and dump" currently underway, whereas those buying today will use the feeding frenzy as an opportunity to make a quick buck. I'll wait for the smoke to clear and if it costs me lost profits this quarter, so be it, but this fish isn't hungry enough to chase the lure. Good luck to all who bought today, I wish you well.

    • If someone says the stock will drop, he's a "spammer."

      If someone says the stock will rise, he's an astute investor.

      You should be willing to read anything anyone has to say. If it's rubbish in either direction, forget it. If there may be something to consider, either positive or negative, you should take it into consideration.

      Villifying anyone with sober, intelligent, negative comments is just childish ignorance ... something that abounds on Yahoo and is concentrated in Delray Beach.

    • Agreed, I bought into this about two years ago at $28.00 per share. It consistently moved up, and with the Feds saying interest rates will remain at a low until 2014, it seems like a good investment.

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