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  • jforuus jforuus May 22, 2012 12:39 PM Flag

    AGNC headed for bankruptcy?

    headhunter...let me light me help you since I am such a good honest guy unlike the Scu@#%$bags on this messageboards for the most part who haven't even told you why she is going up...but u will find out when its too late.

    AGNC - dividend has dropped...from $1.40 to 1.25.

    I would call you a dumb F@#$K, don't ever correct me unless you actually verify such things and can post a link to refernce.
    Try listening to the CC of lies they put out as well. Lies because they are distributing out right before.....

    Yes DELEVERAGE, that one your gonna have to pay me for such advice.

    For the rest of you you should be SELLING out as well, just like they are. Home prices have only gone down half way, don't listen to these analysts who didn't even predict any bubble while the emperical evidence was like looking at the Himalayas.

    Sell it boys and take the profits..TRUST Your intiution. Forget the 10% you may miss out on and start running the play book the WISE investors are already running.

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