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  • jforuus jforuus May 22, 2012 12:45 PM Flag

    AGNC can't think out of the box destined for slaughter with the herd

    The exact opposite course this company should be following is what it is on right now.

    They are lulled, too lazy to do the actual h.w., ignorant, stupid, ostrechas or any other reason ACTUALLY think the housing market has corrected.

    It has another 40% to correct and you can bet they will be diluting shares once again when they find out they are early. Why aren't they talking about the other two factors the media has just begun to touch upon but doesnt tell you honestly about it because unpopular topics make a speaker sound crazy.

    You will be wiping your cheeks with your Dollar by 2016, when this company is bankrupt. They will use excuses like they didn't see it coming by then they will have distributed profits and principals out and you will be left holding the bag. Don't beleive me but do some work you lazy F's or else reap what you sew.

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    • jforus have you taken even a moment of time away from your alternative energy stock boards to bother to look up what agency guaranteed mortgage reits do? Why not give that some study so you learn what you're talking about and save yourself from displaying your ignorange in public in the furure.

      As for the USD what would you suggest folks do - just sit on them while waiting for further devaluation? Personally I think trading AGNC earns a much better ROC and allows folks to use the profits as they see fit - perhals into paying off debts, buying food, land, or gold to hedge their savings... don't you agree?

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      • My ignorance, let this message board actually look into everything I mentioned.

        Brazil isn't taking US dollars?

        China asked for metal instead of the US Dollar?

        The Schiller Index isn't down back to 120's from 200's?

        The US Gov't Debt isn't a whale bigger then all of our crisis before. There is no one left that will lend us money.

        You can follow my history on the boards, I don't hide or lie. I don't make a name up for every ticker or sector, unlike most on the boards. Thats my character, what is your's?

    • Look at the CASE SCHILLER INDEX.

      The Republicans and Democrats along with the FEDERAL RESERVE have mutilated and killed the FUTURE of your CHILDREN.

      You should be looking to sweep them all out of office!!

      Either your too dumb to realize it or your too selfish and lazy to try to make a change.

      Fret not the Chinese will be here soon to offer you pennies on the dollar for your home by 2017.

      These Sc#@$R#bags don't tell you this on this board.

      15% dividend...$33.33!! is what they know, your too stupid to connect the dots, enter the gas chamber at your own risk, come on in take a shower.

    • >>" can bet they will be diluting shares once again..."

      Vituperative child, this one sentence reveals your ignorance more eloquently than I could ever hope to. You're an angry crank and I'm sorry that life has treated you so badly that you have to try and extract revenge by spouting off to people you've never met. Try and find a little joy, hey?

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      • End of the world!! no!! not at all!!

        The Aussie Dollar is treating me JUST FINE among others.

        Sure your real estate REITS will be just fine. The master plan is in tact regardless of the falling fundamentals you mentioned and your niche is galvanized. Sure. Yes. You are correct.

        Keep telling yourself that over and over and huddle together with your pals on this board and stroke each other and star up the messages to heavens.

    • yourbestfriendintheworld yourbestfriendintheworld May 22, 2012 5:09 PM Flag

      1. $1.25. It was predicated on slack in the Q4 result, and it was predicted as far back as the Q3 result that it could happen. Even before it happened it was predicted that it would be temporary, and the Q1 result gives further indication that it will be temporary.

      2. This is not 2007. We all knew it was a bubble in 2007. Well, by "we" I mean everyone who wasn't drinking the W kool-aid. They got slaughtered. I kept my money and have expanded it since.

      3. Learn the meaning of the word "hedge." Others you could use some boning-up on: "value," "time," and "money."

      4. You post like a classic crackpot. Vast ego, bare acquaintance with the concepts you're discussing, no concern for the current state of fact, and the vocabulary skills of a random dictionary search. I've been dealing with blathering psychotics like you on the Internet for 25 years and I have neither cured nor been cowed by one, yet (though one drank himself to death just a couple of years into the attempt). Your constant doubling-down on surrealities is a key indicator. The only way you can prove you're not a crackpot is to shut up and read for a few weeks and learn how this company and its market actually work. Waltzing in claiming the sky is falling is not going to convince the adults.

    • Thanks Flightnurse!

    • Holy Molly,.. was just reading this other crack heads post over at ARR.
      This one from jforuus is just as bad... LOL.

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