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  • xionrevolutions xionrevolutions May 31, 2012 8:51 PM Flag

    The masses are flocking to AGNC...18 million share volume

    Today I noticed a big volume of shares that were traded in our beloved AGNC, a total of 18,954,135. Usually 5-7 million shares are traded daily. Even after hours activity shows that several 100,000 share orders and even a big 400,000 buy order is coming in from only the Lord knows whom. I think the dividend hungry masses are flocking to AGNC for the dividend...

    What do you think?

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    • I agree......healthy divi that should be safe for several years. No need to go against the grain. Usually after the divi and the secondary, the stocks drops a healthy amount and that is where I have been buying. It has worked well thus far.

    • Hi X,

      I know some folks like the old days of BATESAT and the whole channel dwelling days of wine and roses, but I'm afraid I'm to blame. I drafted letters off to all the major holders on this page(Institutions and Mutual funds):

      CC'd to their CEO's, CFO's and Board of Directors, explaining the great benefits of AGNC and MTGE over NLY. I did this last March(early) and explained that it would be a blood bath after the March EX in NLY and for them to switch over to much more lucrative mReits. I listed all of the reasons for this, I have been mentioning, on the NLY message board.

      Please note the volume of NLY, prior to my letters(Month of March), compared to the last two months. I think they were waiting for validation of my claims.

      I think we will see great growth, as we wake up more folks to the incredible growth in capital appreciation plus superior yield and, most importantly, great management at hedging and proper MBS selection, to secure our position in a new HARP environment that the administration will, no doubt, employ, as the November elections draw closer.

      I will not be surprised at new legislation and/or new Fed policies going forward to prop up this woeful, economic House of Cards as November approaches. I mentioned the same in my communications.

      I am now seeking a broader base to continue my proselytizing. I think I missed my calling. I wonder if I can get a kick back from Gary Kain...wait I'm Long AGNC/MTGE...I already have...;-)

      As always I wish us all much happiness and success...


    • I will buy a 4 leaf clover and hope things will be okay.

    • Yeah X, when everyone started pedicting AGNC and MTGE to eventually be around the same price, we all(may I say "we all"?) wanted that price to be in the 33+ range. I am rooting for your calls. I still think 33+ is attainable for AGNC for this quarter. Hopefully. Go AGNC(and MTGE). FOXY

    • X,

      There’s a great movie staring Richard Dreyfruss, Teri Garr, and Jennifer Tilley called Let-It-Ride. It’s about a guy who goes to the race track and bets on the winning horse for each race of the day. Each time he puts all of his money on the next horse, thus let it ride. He goes to the same window to place his bets and each time the clerk tries to talk him out of putting in all his money. When it come to the final race and Dreyfruss puts all of his winnings on his pick, the clerk looks at him with admiration and says, “You’re my hero.” You have to watch the movie to see how it comes out.

      I’ve got a lot of money riding on AGNC and MTGE this quarter. I bought in after the SPO in March with ITM Sep Calls and have been profitable for a while. I hope you come out a winner this time and become the hero for this quarter.

      But please, use a little sense next time and buy call options out beyond the next Ex-div and a little more in the money. It’s one thing to watch a movie, and another to watch real money be at risk. We want you around this board for a long time.

      GL2UA and go AGNC and MTGE.


    • Thanks Rimboomer, I think I will watch that movie. Sounds like a good movie to watch : )

    • Question...Who was the seller and why?????

      Hedge funds??

    • I have sucessfully exited all 1,500 AGNC $32 calls @ 0.64 and I made a 0.10 dime on each. I turned around and purchased 1,312 July $32 AGNC calls which should allow me to ride the dividend run up ( =

    • WTG X! I wish you even greater luck with this batch of calls.

    • Xion.... I think you are making a mistake. Maybe you should buy a 35-40 dividend paying stocks that can cover their dividends? In addition, stocks that hedge one another in the event of higher interest rates?

      Buy these instead and outperform the market. I have been. In fact, when the market is lower I am often down about half what the S&P 500 is, and when the market is up - I am up as much if not more,( like today).

      AMTG MIXED MREIT and has nonbacked 16.18%
      TWO MIXED MREIT and has nonbacked 16.02%
      IVR MIXED MREIT and has nonbacked 17.41%
      MITT MREIT 14.33%
      NLY MREIT 13.62%
      EFC MREIT 13.2%
      FULL BDC 13.03%
      CMO MREIT ADJ RATE 12.88%
      FSC BDC 12.75%
      PMT MREIT 12.58%
      DX MREIT NONBACK, good price history, 12.32%
      TICC BDC 11.87%
      BKCC BDC 11.53%
      PSEC BDC 11.52%
      SLRC BDC 11.48%
      MCC BDC 11.26%
      GLAD BDC 10.92%
      ARCC BDC 10.09%
      AINV BDC 12.14%
      MFA MREIT 13.04%
      GBDC BDC 8.97%
      GAIN BDC 8.68%
      GAINP preferred 7.10%
      GOOD (REIT) 9.17%
      GOODP preferred stock 7.67%
      GOODO (buy under 25) preferred stock 7.47%
      AGNCP (25 is par) preferred stock 7.9%
      PNNT BDC 12.08%
      KCAP 0.73 of book. BDC 12.63%
      SUNS senior secured loans. 7.21%
      PFLT (Floating rate senior secured loans, book 14+, 11.70 last trade, 7.68% yield)
      FDUS BDC trades under book, yield 10.89%
      TCPC BDC 9.71% NEW
      MTGE MREIT 15.27%
      INN-A Hotel property REIT preferred 9%
      AGNC MREIT 16.11%
      RLH-A preferred hotel 9.3%
      MFA-A preferred 8.27%
      SUS-A banking preferred 8.99%
      ETP MLP, see dividend history 8.42%

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