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  • yourbestfriendintheworld yourbestfriendintheworld Jun 19, 2012 7:53 PM Flag

    Fox Busness is no smarter than Fox News

    American Capital Agency, Equinix Among Stocks Down on Above-average Volume Tuesday

    Gee, I wonder why that happened...

    Actually, the entire article looks like what our ink-stained forebears would have called "column filler", and we would call "click-whoring." They could have just hidden a list of all the existing ticker symbols in the meta tags...but that would be dishonest...

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    • "Slege are either living in a bubble of private job bonanzas back East, or haven't read seriously what Rayb has said."

      I have been self employed for the last 16 years.

      But I do agree with much of what he[Raby] says in spite of his philosophy just not applying to the state of affairs in WI. Perhaps the rest of the country should have conducted their affairs the way we have for the last 30 years including the last one year with Walker. We needed a pendulum swing but he could have done it without bashing his employees. Not a good human thing to do, tell lies just to swing public opinion.

      Here our pensioners have agreed to take cuts in accordance with the return on investment with our system, which is fully funded. I remember the wall st j attacking Wi in the late 90's for not being aggressive like some other states. Now WI has one of the best capitalized retirement systems in the country. They prob pick up 100k shares of AGNC with every spo.

      Good Job doc and rayban and Olee and YBF is ok too. I just do not like to see my hard working public employees get bashed. That's the way I took it anyway.

      We need jobs in this country, that pay a living wage. Lots of scared people out there. Our economic models just are not doing it. Doing more of the same of the last 30 years will make it worse. I see merit in what Everyone here says.

      It would be an honor to sit with you all on a weekly basis and tank this out in a thinking way.

    • So what's your ideal government?

    • You assume a lot. I never said any of that.

      But certainly I don't want to go to a system where the federal government acts like a feudalistic lord and tells us everything we can do and then takes most of what we make and rewards his favorite supporters. I certainly don’t want to become a peasant to socialism. If it came to that then I would leave the US and go live somewhere else. And I would take my money with me and renounce my US citizenship at the soonest most convenient time. The world is pretty global these days. There is no need to have the limited view that you’re stuck here in the US and must put up with all the abuse people can dish out. There is no reason to think that way at all.

      That said, I’m more tolerant than some because this has already started to happen and I’m still here.

    • Never mind, you're like talking to a rock.

      You want to go back to the days of robber barons when federal government revenues were nil.

      Go back to the days when people worked for poverty wages. Take away SS and Medicare and let old people die on the streets.

      I suggest you study some history, it's an area in which you are lacking.

    • What's your point?

    • Looks like you missed my public works quote. Selective reading indeed.

      War creates non-productive resources. Meaning that a factory worker that builds a bomb, builds something that cannot be circulated in the economy, it is either used to kill someone or sits in an army base.

      Public works creates a productive resource. Example, let's say the U.S. initiated a massive public works project: build more schools to reduce the cost of education, etc. Those large number of new GOVERNMENT employees now have cash to spend in the economy.

      That cash goes to private consumption businesses. Because of increased demand, those companies (assuming MADE IN USA and not globally outsourced) hire more workers, further increasing employment.

      With increased business revenues, the government can then gradually increase taxes to offset the deficit.

    • It's not just the vacation time. There seems to be a buddy system because many employees get their salaries suspiciously increased right before they retire. The bosses of these employees must spend a good deal of their time bending over to receive a constant parade of kisses to their behinds. In some of the smaller towns in California, city employees have rigged elections so that they could pass taxes so that they could increase their salaries and benefits. Currently there is a major trial going on where 5 such employees will probably go to prison for such behavior. The way they rigged these elections was that they had a special election that was not announced to the public and then they sent all their friends to go vote. Obviously they got exactly what they wanted. I believe the highest ranking of this lot was making around $600k a year. No one was making less than $100k a year.

      In many cases it has become a race to see who can get the most money out of the government before the public has finally had enough of it and starts making demands for a crackdown. We aren’t there yet but I suspect the day is coming. We have to get the hands out of the cookie jar because we are running out of cookies. Unfortunately there are too many people who are still not paying attention to the graft. In fact, many people are defending what they don’t understand.

      But in all fairness these are the extreme cases of behavior and I don’t know exactly how prevalent it is. I just know I’m hearing about it much more often than before. I think the more systemic problem is related to the unions and their manipulation of politicians to give them higher raises and benefits with little resistance because they represent such a large and understandably highly motivated voting bloc. This has to stop. Its cronyism in its purest form. The private sector equivalent would be that if the employees of a company get to vote for their CEO and they elect the guy that promises to give them all a 10% pay boost and lower the age at which they are allowed to retire and of course they offer to give the CEO a wonderful wage in return. Who wouldn’t do this? However in the private sector, that company would eventually go out of business. Not so in the public sector, because public employees believe that the government will simply raise taxes to meet their demands. This is like cancer. Seriously, the analogy is almost perfect because cancer usually kills the patient. We need to come up with a cure for this before the situation is terminal.

      In California we haven’t had a balanced budget in so long I can’t remember that far back.

    • I agree all public employees must be on a defined contribution plan and not a defined benefit plan for their retirement. There has been too much abuse of the defined benefit plan system where the retirement is based on income on only the last 3 years or less and as a slap in the face to the taxpayers is juiced up during the last month of employment with the addition of unused vacation time, sick time etc.
      I have seen the benefit package increase by 50% on a monthly basis based on the last month alone. In addition the average taxpayer should not be on the hook for cost of living increases. In addition we need an investigation as to how the total of paid days for vacation, sick days and personal days off compares to the private sector and question if the public sector should be entitled to more than the average or mean available for the same in the private sector.


    • Most private sector employees get a 401k plan, not a pension that allows them to retire at age 55. Have you ever seen any entity go bankrupt because of its 401k plan? Replace all government pensions with 401k plans my case has a lot less merit. I live in California and we have wage bubble in the public sector. Many people make over $200k a year. A fireman's pension is $95k a year which is inflation adjusted and starts at age 55. If you’re comparing a chemist salary to the public sector salary I don't know who you would compare it to. Chemists are very well paid. They make over $100k and up. Who in the public sector does that sophisticated of a job? I’m talking about paper pushers. Not researchers.

    • nonameoilworker Jun 22, 2012 8:55 AM Flag

      what if they (pension funds) invested a
      little in mreats to increase their earnings?
      Just a stupid question but a Little ARR @ 17% is not so bad

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