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  • onion1273 onion1273 Jul 23, 2012 9:01 AM Flag

    OT Becoming a Christian continued


    Over the years I have come to make a lot of sense of all of this. I was brought up Catholic, I went to Catholic schools for 12 years.
    With all this talk about atheism, different religions etc, seems to me that everyone has lost sight of the big picture.
    God is infitiely intelligent, omniscient, omnipresent. God is not a man, white robe , big "G" on his pocket, with a staff and a couple of sheep following. God is something more, God is like energy: always was, always will be, is everywhere, is in everything right down in the atoms, can move mountains, and is in everyone of us.

    And God has a message for us.
    An Omniscient, Omnipresent, Onmipident, allpowerful being knows how to get 9 billion people to get his message. God knows some people will not believe in Christianity. God could not care less if you believe in his son. God is not arrogant.
    Several diffent religions several different beliefs, one general message. Be good to each other, love one another, dont screw anyone, why? because we are all part of this same thing. if you smash your hand with a hammer you are hurting yourself. And the second part of the message is to acknowledge him.
    Thats it.

    The rest is all filler.
    Just my opinion.

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    • Onion ...

      I thought Man was made in God's image, and, therefore, God is a human form. No?

      Here are two things that bother me, and would be happy to have you and Olee comment:

      [1] Why so many religions? Why not one? Even if you think the religions reflect cultural differences, they are too different to be variations on the same thing.

      [2] Why do people invariably comment on what God did, is doing, thinks, thought, will do, etc. It seems that everyone knows the mind of God including - especially - clergy who should know the risks of thinking that the mind of God is knowable.

      You guys seem like you have given these things a lot of thought, so just asking ...

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      • Ray,

        Once again, man is trying to rationalize everything to his own liking.

        "God created man in his own image" ok thats from the Bible. And in my opinion open to interpretation: have at it.

        Why so many religions?
        God is inifintily intelligent. Do you play chess? I do. Im an OK player. I think 3 moves ahead. A great player is thinking 5-6 moves ahead.
        To use this analogy God would think 157 games ahead. God can see what move you will make on the 15th game on you 22nd turn and why....
        So an infinte intelligent being knows that Man by his nature will reject any number of religions just because he is rebellious by nature. So he he lets man create several religions. pick a flavor. But the underlying message (from God) is the same...

        "People comment on God , what he did , what he thinks etc..."

        More justification on something people just dont understand. How can lowly man comment on the thoughts or motives of an omniscient, omnipresent, omnipident, infinitely intelligent being.

        Mind you, many religions have gotten out of hand. The power of the clergy has been abused all over the place...we see that every day.

        I think that we all have God inside of us. We are all divine beings encapsulated in this human body. I think really evil or diabolical people have burried this dive part deep deep inside. I think we are all somehow a "part" of God. Thats why we all have the power to accomplish anything we set our minds to. We have all heard that sentence before I bet it makes more sense now.

        Call it God , call it the Universe,the Force, call it whatever you want. When you align yourself with the proper forces nothing can stand in your way.

      • If you study physics, the latest consensus is that nothing works without consciousness.

        Of course some like Nobel winner Wigner believes it is human consciousness that creates reality (collapses the wave function), but that would lead to solipsism.

        I think we are talking about universal consciousness, God. Since we too have consciousness, we are made in God's image.

        1. I've studied other religions as well, in particular Eastern mysticism. If you strip away the flesh, the core essence is the same with Christian mysticism (Meister Echart)

        2. I agree with you and that is why I am not a member of any church. Even having a direct experience with God, there was no communication per se. Just pure awareness, intense calm and peace, blinding white light. I suppose if one can take a message from that experience, it would be love.

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