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  • finland6507 Jul 26, 2012 10:00 AM Flag

    Romney will lose talking more "war

    spending" and military.As much as we don't like O'bama, what are people to do? The country is financially in ruin with no direction. They lowered the Medicaid guidelines and more people will die in Cal. E.R. wating rooms. Romney has that old senial Mc Cormick pulling the strings it seems. And maybe it was JET, that stated, "When people have almost no money, who will buy the I-pads, boats, and other things other than basic needs". The insurance I have found, Humana, United Health care etc. my wife has called "scams".We all know without a mandated "Natl. Health Care" like Germany, Japan, or others, the country will only increase the uninsured.The "bust thier butt" people cannot afford ins. I've been there! 12 hrs a day for 35 yrs.Have the politicians live on $2500 per month and manage.

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    • "People forget the jingoism and McCarthyism that attended those votes.

      If you weren't gung-ho, you were lambasted by your biggest contributors, and intimations of backlash against perceived anti-Americanism stuck."

      126 democratic nays in the house and 21 in the senate had the cajones.

      My point was that more dems could have voted no if they wanted to take the moralistic high ground. They didn't take it then, for whatever reason (pressure from democratic constituents does not aid the republican war monger boloney) and should not take it now. It was a different time for everyone, not just dems.

    • The only way you could equate republicans as being no worse them democrats is to be uinformed or delusional.

    • yourbestfriendintheworld yourbestfriendintheworld Jul 26, 2012 8:49 PM Flag

      People forget the jingoism and McCarthyism that attended those votes.

      If you weren't gung-ho, you were lambasted by your biggest contributors, and intimations of backlash against perceived anti-Americanism stuck.

      Everyone who voted for war in Iraq either believed the President's lies about WMD or was warped in their political calculus by the big money being spent by the MIC.

      People also forget that the war was already in progress before the vote. Bush illegally diverted manpower and materiel from Afghanistan. The whole Iraq boondoggle was a diversion that's caused Afghanistan to take 9 years longer than it should have, and resulted in an ambiguous outcome in the only one of the two wars we had moral authority to fight. W should be in jail over that, but leftist politicians lack the backbone necessary to do such a thing, a ridiculous concession to his status as a former President, especially given how Bubba was treated while in office.

      Because of the abrogation of moral authority, and the attendant value of our immoral actions as a recruiting tool for the enemy, we'll be fighting Al Quaeda for a hundred years instead of the 3 it should have taken to eradicate them.

    • Your "holier than thou" is disturbing. There is tremendous corruption on both sides of our government. Sending them more money will not discourage it.

    • Now the lie about libya? Pretend it was a war. Such flat out dishonesty.

    • Why is it so important for you to make democrats complicit in the republican freak show.?

      It took us 12 years to realize it but you are a pack of lying looting scoundrels whose word is valuless. To compromise you is to be associated with you. 'hey look', you say, that stupid stop we pulled, well the dems were in it with us.'

      We know now. No more good faith w people of bad faith.

      The only thing left is will there be enough sane people to block you in november from wrecking whats still left standing despite your best efforts.

    • I guess we could have pulled an Obama Libya move.

    • I was never for it however I feel you are grossly misrepresenting it.

    • Dont lie, they voted to authorize the president to use force, after he assured them that he was going to just olay brinksmanship. They did not declare war.

      Iraq does not embarrass you at all.

      The deficits dont embrass you, the incompetence, the financial panic, none of it embarraases you. You see nothing wrong in it.

      A marching army of morons.

    • Passed in the senate 77-23. 17 more dems than necessary voted in favor of the Iraq war resolution.

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