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  • hgff101 hgff101 Aug 31, 2012 12:41 PM Flag

    Ot olee2116

    You wrote: "A republic is a government ruled by rule of law. Has nothing to do with democracy."

    Do you agree with those who assert that the US is Republic that has nothing to do with democracy?

    Can you give me an example from history of a republic that did not have some form of representation?

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    • Socialist Republic of Vietnam

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      • Excellent, it took some trickery, but so far noone has given the United States of America as an example of a republic that does not have representation.

        Look back at this list of examples and then think twice the next time someone asserts the USA is a "republic, not a democracy" The statement makes no sense, as if republic precludes democratic representation.

        Just curious - has the declaration of independence been removed from the elementary school curriculum?

        Just curious, anyone here ever heard the term "consitutional democracy" ?

    • People's Republic of China

    • The USSR : The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

    • I think that early Athens, and some other Greek cities, were probably the only direct democratic states. In early Athens, adult males who had completed military training were considered citizens, and they were all allowed to vote ... no representatives were elected. About 20% of the population [around 30,000 people] met this test; the rest were children, women, slaves, no training, etc.

    • A democracy is direct rule of the people. A representative government is not a democracy no matter how hard you try to flavor it.

      The Roman Republic (before Empire) was ruled by the Senate. Every year two consuls and other high ranking officials were elected to office. I won't bore you with the details, but it's a very complicated process. These officials only served 1 year terms (exception being crisis such as the 2nd Punic War) After their term was over, they joined the Senate for life.

      Of course the Senate was only available to those from the right bloodlines (oligarchy) Any representation of the people was a sham.

      Don't even get me started on England...

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      • we are more correctly termed a representative democracy. our representatives are elected by "democratic" principles. one man one vote. the only real impediments to sovereign franchise exercise is age based, based on teh theory that the young are incapable of making informed choices. although if we keep charging them as adults in criminal cases, we might have to lower the voting age a bit. again.

        it's the representative part that keep us from the tyranny of 50% plus 1. that and the courts are the only things keeping mob rule at bay.

      • If i took these conversations back and showed them to random americans in 1950, they would be horrified that people in would 2012 would not consider their America to have ever been a democracy.

        This is not the only thing that has been turned upside down in this country.

        We are about to accelerate the process of self destruction.

        This is not their country anymore, the people of 1950. The four freedoms, the declaration of independance, the love of democracy - its just all gone.

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