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  • olee2116 olee2116 Sep 14, 2012 11:49 AM Flag

    This is why QE3 happened

    Looks like the Middle East is exploding, embassies are under attack. Several universities here are closed due to terrorist attack threats.

    I knew Uncle Ben didn't do what he did because of the jobs numbers. The weekend should be telling.

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    • What would happen if we got out of the middle east, developed solar/alternative energies and let the middle east stew in the hell hole they create? I for one am tired of putting our young peoples lives and my american dollar at risk to support an area of the world that has always been at war. These
      drums of war are simply subsidies to the hydrocarbon industry. WE ARE GOING TO HAVE TO BREAK THE HYDROCARBON DEPENDENCY OR IT WILL KILL IS ALL!!!

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    • I don't agree. Foreign policy had nothing to do with it in my opinion. There are 23 million unemployed or under employed in the US and BB is trying to create a bubble as the current Admin. has done little if anything that has made a significant difference. So BB is trying to do something on his own, which is to create a temporary bubble boom. However, I would not be surprised to discover that he has been pressured given the election.

      I find it interesting that the guy who made the disputed film was an Egyptian born con man who happened to live in the US and received his financial backing for the movie from Jewish investors. I doubt this is relevant, but it's possible as most investors in the movie industry are Jewish but this fact will not be ignored by Muslims and they will see a conspiracy. The mentally challenged always do. He has spent time in jail for running a meth lab and for performing financial scams. He could have lived anywhere in the world but just happened to land his butt in the US. So now we get the blame as if we were involved, which we were not. It’s not like he broke a US law, but that is a matter of interpretation.

      My understanding is that in his youth that he was persecuted as a Christian in Egypt and it is speculated that he wanted to get them #$%$ off with this film. He certainly managed to do that. I hope he does not have his citizenship and they deport him back to Egypt so the Muslims can get their hands on him. I doubt he would last one hour over there if they knew who he was and how to get at him.

      It seems to me that knowing the volatility of the region and how they react to this kind of material, that acts like this could be interpreted as a form of sedition if it can be determined that the film was intentionally made for the purpose of creating such a violent response. People are getting killed over this. I know that if a person goes out and talks to a crowd and convinces them to go off and perform violent acts that this is illegal here in the US. It seems to me that acts like this are not a whole lot different and that free speech is being treated as a loop hole in order to allow someone to incite large numbers of people to create violence against the US. It seems to me that there has to be a line past which the comparison of a movie maker like this to the guy inciting a crowd to commit violent acts is one and the same. If he is just a green card holder, if nothing else they should boot him. We don’t need this crap.

      I mean really. If someone really hated the US they could start producing films like this every few months and as a result create a dangerous situation for anyone who carries a US passport. I seriously doubt that this would be allowed to continue. Muslims would interpret the fact that we did not punish whoever did something like this as the same as all of us doing it. I can’t see how it would be impossible for us to find a way to keep people from endangering US citizens in this way. Free speech should not be used as a weapon for harming innocent people. It was never intended for that.

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      • In guess you support the terrorists ! You would have them win you would like to change the laws of this country to apeasize their sensibilities. I guess we should clear all of our press releases with al quida to make sure we don t say something offensive to thier culture. I quess america should limit the freedoms of it's people to make sure we don't offend Isamic terrorist. What nonsense yes the movie was stupid and tasteless budt that is whaty freedom of speach means the right to say what you dont want to hear if it only protects what we wan t to hear its useless. So they win when they can impose thier standards of free speach on us.

      • QE3 happened because it is the only bullet left in the Fed's gun. the Fed is not allowed to directly employ those millions, so they try to influence the money supply and interest rates so that others have fewer excuses for not hiring. as if they need one besides no sales volume.

        as for the rest of your post, it has been 67 years since we showed the world what jihad really looks like. they killed an ambassador. very bad. that used to be a reason to declare war. even if it was not the government of libya that did it, they let it happen.

      • lnhirst Sep 14, 2012 2:07 PM Flag

        President Obama needed a quick boost, as geopolitical matters are becoming quite nasty in conjunction with being handled in a sorrowful manner by the White House. Ben Bernanke, inadvertently (which I doubt) or otherwise, has presented Obama with a gift. Ben helps the president and Ben keeps his job in the event Obama wins in November. A little "quid pro quo" in action.

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    • And here I thought it was because QE1, QE2 and QE2.5 were wildly successful.


    • Perhaps....

      Or he might have done it to coordinate with moves by Draghi and the Chinese - sort of a global stimulus effort in response to continuing macroeconomic deterioration. Hey, one guess is as good as another at any rate eh? :)

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