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  • reits_r_us reits_r_us Sep 24, 2012 8:44 PM Flag

    The Fab Five

    Hey everyone,

    Are we going to spend all of our loot on the Fab Five:

    Epd, Ete, Cqp, Paa, and Oks...Layer in, layer in, with small lots. ITM, ITM, ....the mantra.....

    Lets make some money.....;-)


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    • bowhunterron Sep 25, 2012 7:01 AM Flag

      I,m with you Doc, got some CQP Nov 22s @ 2.39 basis, and will be watching EPD today

    • Doc,
      I like EPD, ETP and CPQ calls. They have been quite consistent and it looks like a good time. Bought some CPQ Nov22c and trying to get some EPD Nov52.5c tomorrow on the hopeful drop. I am holding off on ETP for a few days, as it seems to be in a trading range and the historic run-up is more apparent from early Oct 1-3 (we will see)...

      The charts for PAA and OKS appear less consistent (with a dividend run-up). Why do you like them?


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      • Hi OJ88,

        I like them each for different reasons. I would like them both more if they came down off of their highs...;-). OKS is ridiculous. PAA has a split coming on Oct 2nd, so its a wild card. It has had pretty crazy runs to EX in the last 4 Q's. Granted, it has not been as consistent as EPD , ETP, or CQP...that would be difficult...;-)

        But the last 4 Q's for PAA has been over 21.00 total(30 days out to EX) for an average of over 5.00/run. Yes, the PPS will be reduced by half, but I will still take a 2.50 run, if we hit the PPS right. Splits are funny. The value doesn't change but traders perceptions do. Some think 'Cheap" share price ...Yaay!..and look at it as an opportunity to get more shares for less cost.

        Others think "Cheap" share price...Booo! and sell, perceiving the stock as being now, less valuable. Nothing has really changed , but the market is driven by perception. I have seen it go both ways. If the PPS continues down, as it has the last two days on PAA, I will be a buyer, post split(small wager).

        OKS has gained 5.00, in under one month now. It has found favor in the MLP world and it has become a momentum stock. The projected growth report(see headline news) has boosted it another 2.00 almost in AH trading(nuts!). If OKS stays in the stratosphere, I will wait for its return to earth, or just be left behind. Bollinger Bands are widening making the options expensive besides. I will wait until Oct 5th or so for the dust to settle...

        Good luck with EPD tomorrow...should be fun!!


    • ETE? Did you mean ETP?

    • I'm in too Doc. I'm with BMY $33 Oct12 Calls, EPD $52.50 Nov Calls, ETP $42.50 Nov Calls, CQP $24 Dec and Nov12 Calls. I plan to buy more EPD $52.50 Calls tomorrow. Good luck to us all.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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