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  • munirqasim42 munirqasim42 Oct 4, 2012 8:55 AM Flag

    Yahoo should stop ETP on AGNC board.

    ETP and such others should not be at misplaced board. I request Yahoo management to stop this practice. ETP should go to ETB board and not at AGNC board. If there is no such board request for one. Please do not confuse the main issue.

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    • I placed a request in with the Democratic National Convention and George Soros that we house arrest Yahoo user Munirqasim42, for violating one of the main platform planks, which is "Tolerance of Diversity"

      The DNC is advising the President to create new committees to re-educate individuals, such as yourself, to become accepting of those ideas and ideologies different from their own. These committees will be overseen by the IRS, and new agents are being trained, as we speak, to implement such change.

      I am a personal acquaintance of GS, and have made a personal request to identify your address and financial institutions, so you might be "persuaded" to desist from intimidating the members of our board who wish to speak about a wide range of "free" ideas. Like all committees born after this fashion, this new tolerance will become The New Tolerance. In the future, it will define those issues, socially acceptable, which are the exclusive items to be discussed in public (and private) forums.

      In other words, we will set the agenda for Tolerance and it will include, for discussion, only those topics the committee finds are acceptable and not in disharmony from the committees agenda and goals. We will do this, as stated, by and for the sake of Tolerance. Those items which the committee finds unacceptable will not be discussed, by order and penalty of law. The first offense will be addressed through notification of violation of Tolerance. Second and third offenses will incur fines and/or re-education.

      Re-education will occur in pre-arranged facilities, which, in conjunction with guidance from the United Nations, will be on a quota basis, and run through FEMA. Each state presently has these detention, rather re-education, facilities already in place. The closest one to myself, in Spokane, WA is in Okanagon County, just South of the Canadian/Us border.($$$//votingamerican.wordpress$$$/2012/05/14/new-nationwide-fema-internment-camps-should-raise-some-eyebrows/).

      You will get no notice, agents will arrive at your door and you will arrive at the detention, rather, re-education center within 72 hours. Thank you for posting, as we were able to identify and isolate your address through your user name and the cooperation of Yahoo. Yahoo is a partner with us in helping shape America and further the cause of Tolerance.


    • Muni, being in the market that long I'm sure you have a deep understanding of Fiance, Accounting, TA and hopefully Quantitative Analysis (My next target of study) so why not join the discussions? I can personally vouch for the results of some ideas passed around on this forum.

      I am up $10,000 this week on EPD alone. (thanks again, Doc)

      So why not help pass around ideas? These are great opportunities.

    • I have said over and over again - this is the best board around! [Others all deteriorate into name calling and politics.] This is the place to come to find ideas for making money.... if AGNC is quiet, other stocks are discussed while we wait for AGNC.

      Advise is given freely, research is shared, newbies are educated gently...what more could one ask for??


    • Great board indeed but too much OT.

      • 1 Reply to ehpb1
      • Other boards are full of mindless pumping and nasty bashing, if or if not also rife with political spew.
        The sharing of many investment ideas to fill the void in the slow/no news areas bewteen spos and dividend runs.
        Earnings and conference calls are only once a quarter.

        It's nice to share in the delight of +1% days and the possible reasons for -1% days, but they may only support a thread or two on this message board, on any given day that one of those might occur.

        So, for the many many days in any given quarter there are as many opportunities between AGNC news for those acquainted here to share alternative investment options.
        Don't worry, You'll get your fill of AGNC related news and opinion threads, and sans politics at that.

        AGNC is the best board on Yahoo BY FAR.
        I challange and welcome any argument to this point, for I'd love to find a board with one half as much sharing of ideas by intelligent and curtious investors as this one.

        Go AGNC(SPO!!! PLEASE!!!),

        P.S. I hear you Onion, I hear you.

    • Obviously you're new 'round these parts stranger! Instead of running to complain about something it's too bad you didn't take the time to get to know the feel of this wonderful board first because the folks here give freely of themselves to offer great educational advise, news and opinion about AGNC, and take time to share strategies for making money in other equities (like ETP) for those in between times when nothing's happening with AGNC.

    • If you aren't interested, don't read the posting.

    • This is one of the best boards out there for sharing investing ideas on AGNC as well as many other stocks. Lots of other boards are dead and or filled with SPAM. We are lucky to have such a quality board full of discussions on more than just AGNC.

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